Monday, May 28, 2007

RSS Feed & Weekend

First things first.

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Basically, if you add my site as one of your feeds, you will be alerted every time I update, instead of just checking back here manually. So go ahead and add it to make your life easier.

Anyhow, my weekend was pretty cool

I managed to get away with some friends, and enjoy the great outdoors. Good times, boat rides, swimming, and of course, lots of boozing.

However ,the highlight of my trip was still ordering a double quarter pounder from McDonald's, and some how ending up with 4 patties, cheese and bacon. Pics forthcoming.

I played some poker today and won some good monies. Should end up being a good month, but I'll post the damage at the end.

Finally, no one has managed to win my contest yet, so 'll add another clue.

The author's initials are MH.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

PokerStars User ID: makin4vegas

the_main said...


the_main said...

I sent the money, if you could just confirm, that'd be great.

Anonymous said...

I got it. Thanks. I knew answer without last (MH) hint, I just had not logged on to your site over the weekend. Great book.