Friday, May 25, 2007

Prop Bet

My friend wagered me $1000 that I couldn't solve the rubicks cube in under 2 minutes.
See the action go down:

I also made $2k playing today in like 4k hands. holla

Oh, and I'm going away for the weekend to my friends cottage, back on monday.


thaREALdmoney said...

haha shit that is strong

nice hand sir.

thaREALdmoney said...

p.s. u look like the guy who played Johnny truelove in alphadog

Anonymous said...

green is not your color yo....holla.


Anonymous said...

Main: -

Nice blog been keeping tabs on it now for a while. Keep it up!! Nice work with rubicks cube too!

Just a curious kind of question for you. Similar to you im a pro but play on Full Tilt. Reason for this is i get rakeback. Howevever more and more recently tempted to switch to stars and give it a whirl. However lack of rakeback is kind of off putting (extra 1.5k a month for me).

From the VIP system it looks like i can make a lot in bonus's in the long run if I put in the hard graft to get to supernova.

Could you poss give lowdown on the bonus's you earn from stars each month and how many points you earn too. I switch between.50c/$1 and $1/$2 tables depending where the good games are.

Soz if its a bit cheeky to ask but would really appreciate it if you could.!!


Anonymous Welsh Poker Pro

the_main said...

that sweater is hot, stop hating.

once supernova, you earn about $20 every 650 hands at 1/2 and like $15 per 650 at .5/1