Wednesday, June 17, 2009

went deep again

event 32 this time
It was another $2k buyin with a few less runners (1500 i think?)

I busted 44th about an hour ago for just under $10,000. I got pretty unlucky actually, getting KK in preflop against AQs (I 4 bet-shoved and he called) for what would've been a double average stack. He flopped a flush and I got like zero sweat. It was the kids first live event ever and he was shaking so much raking in the chips and for like the next 5hands afterwards. It was cute. Soon after I called a late position shove with AJs to find myself up against ATo for what would've brought me back to average. Two tens on the flop and I get no help and I'm down to about 10bbs. I ended up shoving blind versus blind with K3s and the same kid with AQ made a pretty sick call with K8o and busted me. GG main.

So i'm at like $51,000 on a $5500 investment so far this series.

my girlfriend flies in on friday so i wont be playing anymore events this week. i might play one more $1500 event before the main event, but not even sure about that. i might just relax and grind online.

well thats about it. im off to have a few beers by the pool while i think of what might have been

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

remembering what its like to run good

so i've been out in vegas for a week now.
staying with a bunch of the MSNL/HSNL full ring guys and everyone is awesome. we're having a lot of fun and winning a bunch of money.

i played my first WSOP event on thursday and ending up going really deep. it was event 11 ($2000 NLHE 3day) and i finished 12th out of 1600ish for $41,000. easily my biggest tourny score to date.

my run good continued last night online when I shipped the $77 freezeout on stars for about $3500. everything seems to be going in the right direction. I'll play a few more events before the main event, so keep your eyes opened and expect some big things :).

yeah im pretty much a tourny pro now ;)