Thursday, June 24, 2010

starting on a good note

Got out to Vegas about a week ago. The house is great and we're all having a lot of fun.

First thing we did when we got here was flip for rooms. There are 9 of us but only 8 rooms(5 really nice and 3 decent ones). So two of us would have to share. And because I run awesome at flips, I get the pleasure of sharing my room. Thankfully its with one of my good buddies from Vancouver so it hasn't been a problem. Not like I spend much time in the room anyways.

Oh and on top of that we went out for a nice dinner that night and I lost the credit card roulette for that too. Lost two $500+ roulettes thus far actually.

Thankfully my luck has shifted a bit. In my second tournament of the series, the Venetian deep stack extravaganza $2000 event, I managed to final table. My first live final table of a major event. I didn't stick around long though as I busted in tenth place. The crazy thing about it is that my roommate ended up at the final table too! So random. He ended up finished 4th or 5th, and I had 5% of him so I made some more money. The cash itself was about $13,000, so I'm looking good so far.

I've played 2 WSOP events and haven't made day 2 of either sadly. I'll probably just play the $3000 triple chance and the main event and a bunch of cash in between. I've played so much poker this week, I'll probably take it easy this weekend and get going again on Wednesday.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

gearing up for wsop

It's almost that time of year again, and I can't wait!
I'm flying into Vegas on the 15th, and hopefully be hitting the felt soon after.

We'll count last year as a warm-up. This year, I'm thinking bracelet!
I'll keep everyone posted on what I decide to play. As of now the only thing set in stone is the main event. I think I'm gonna take all of my action this year and just swap %'s with some great players to help ease the variance of a $10,000 buyin event.

To gear up I've been playing a bunch of tourneys and grinding cash on any site other than Stars. Their cash games have dried up so much with the changes, I think I would struggle to beat mid-stakes there for a good clip.

Thankfully the action is still pretty soft elsewhere, and I get to play anonymously which is a HUGE help. Maybe it's just mental but I think I've just been on stars for so long and have so much history with different regs it gets boring. I like the whole idea of fresh start for my image.

I'll probably play a lot of cash games in Vegas if they're good. Probably start at $5/10 and move up from there when games are good.

I've had mild tourney success since my last post, up a bit of money with only 1 final table since. Saving my run good for Vegas hopefully! I have some horses (players I'm investing in) playing events for me so hopefully they run good too.

Oh and I'm getting ready for the nightlife as well, as I went on a bit of a shopping spree and treated myself to some new clothes. I've been doing well so I splurged a bit, with my favorite piece being a John Varvatos goat suede officers jacket.

I think it might be the second most expensive thing I now own after my car lol :)

Well, that's it until Vegas. I'll make a post before I play anything so people can sweat me if they like. love ya!