Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Macau/ BCPC

Hey everyone

I'm back in beautiful Vancouver, gearing up for my 3rd BCPC. Hopefully I can improve upon my 13th place finish last year. That goes off tommorow and I'm pretty excited about it.

My last post was pre-WSOP, and nothing really noteworthy happened on the trip. I busted day 2 of the main event, and whiffed on the other 3 side events I played. I pretty well broke even at cash games and came back a small loser on the trip.

If nothing else, the trip sort of inspired me to play more live poker. I started to grind at the local casinos in Vancouver with very good results. This actually put me on the lookout for some bigger action. And what better place then the gambling capital of the world... Macau!

I rented an apartment thru 2+2 with 3 other high stakes Swedish poker players, and one American. The place was great and I made a bunch of new friends.

Some pics.

Our apartment building, in between Macau Tower and the MGM

Fountain Show at the Wynn

Our apartmentView from our balcony

View from my room

Had a really great meal there that I'll share as well. We went to Robuchon a Galera. It was my first time at a 3 michelin star restaurant, and we did a crazy 8 course set menu. Just a couple pics.
Half duck breast, half foie gras, with a figgy sauce

Sea trout in a ginger broth with smoked cream

Great meal!

No real plans after BCPC. I'd love to make a trip back east soon and see all my family and friends who I miss alot. Especially my mom! Love you mom! :)

Anyways, be good everyone. Until next time.