Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'd rather not even talk about this month, lol.
I ran like shit at the end of the month, and am currently on a big downswing. I havn't played in a few days, and I'm not going to play until december.
Go december I'll go balls out, and try to make a sml fourtune. I'll be missing a week mid month because I'm visiting Cambodia, and maybe some days at the end b/c some freinds are coming to visit me in korea.

Oh, if I manage to come up with 400,000 points by mid february, I'm going to France to play in the EPT event there. Getting that many points is totally doable if I play enough. Heck, lets make it a goal. Done.

Here are my awesome totals:

Cash games:

NL200 - 24,000hands for $673
PL200 - 1,400hands for $175
NL400 - 1000 hands for $145
PL400 - 33 hands for ($200)
NL600 - 18 hands for ($45)

Totals: 26,420 hands for $757.66 (.94bb/100 or $14.13/hr)

36 tournies
$350 invested for a return of $199.97

NET: ($150.63) with an ROI of (42.96%)

Add on a bonus from poker stars of $400 and.....

TOTAL : $1007.03

So I fell really short of my hand goal, but I think its better, because I hate playing when I'm running bad. I just wanted to wait and start fresh in December.

Here's my graph for the month.... talk about some swings! (the plunge at the end is two set over sets which I was on the wrong end of... not exactly tilt)

So today is my last day of real work... I'll check in next week, and hopefully I'll already have 15k hands in for the month. Go, John, go.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

This month has been so swingy so far. I've already had $1200, $1000 and $800 downswings. I've grinded through it, and I'm up $2k over almost 20,000 hands (not including bonuses).

After my school closes in ~1week, my korean visa will no longer be valid. Being canadian though, I can get a 6month visitor visa.... BUT I have to leave the country first. So in the next few weeks I will be taking a vacation to Tokyo. It will probably be for about a week, and I don't intend to play any poker while I'm on it.

I've been thinking about monthly goals, as far as hands go. In 38hrs this month, I've played 19ish hands. So lets just say 40hrs=20k hands (or 500/hr). So if I play 30hrs/week, I can get 60,000 hands in. This should let me make about $6k/month (assuming my winrate is accurate). This will be my base goal... but I'm hoping I can go above and beyond. I also want to get more $400NL in during the weekneds. Its been decently profitable for me, and will hopefully continue.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

umm... big news.
I just lost my job. School is closing down due to bustoness.

I guess its time to see how much I can actually pull from this game.

December will be my first month as a pro.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm slacking... but hey, I'm enjoying myself.
I havn't played a hand over the past 2 weekends and I'm way behind schedule. Instead, I've been out galavanting with scantily clad korean women. Whatever, its been a good trade off.

I started back on monday and went on one of my biggest slides ever. $1.2k down the tubes in like 2500hands. This was 4buyins at $200 and 1 at $400, so no big deal relative to the stakes.... still hurts though. The blow was softened howveer, by the $400 pokerstars bonus.

Altogether I've played just under 11,000 hands and won $577. With the bonus, thats almost $1k. I don't know if I can hit my hand goal this month.... I have plans for sat. and sun., so it will be close. Whatever. Maybe I'll hit a big tourny score?! haha. I'm gonna try to play a bunch today from work, hopefully that goes well.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ugh. I'm having a really frustrating start to the month.
I guess things are just balancing out a bit, because I'm running like shit. I suppose I was due for some bad luck.

I"ve played 6000 hands this month and I'm up like $200. I guess this is OK considering how many sick beats and coolers I"ve had laid on me (and an $800 SUPER-cooler). I've been getting my money in a favourite most of the time -- I know if I keep it that way, things will eventually fall in my favour.

I'm gonna keep on pluggin away, and shoot for 8k. Maybe I'm setting the bar too high, but whatever. Bleh, I shouldn't even set monetary goals. How about I just set a 35k hand goal? Thats what I did in september and I think it was my most hands/month ever. Still managed 6k in cash games with a fair winrate. Thats about 1100 hands a day for the rest of the month, whcih shouldnt be too tough b/c I've started playing at work (holla'!).

I'll check in next week...