Friday, November 30, 2007

November results

Cash Games:
Hold 'em:
80,135 hands for $4,297.70 [$40.07/hr]

Almost every big downswing is from $400NL.

some flips for $80

12 played for a net loss of ($308) --I didn't cash ONCE.

Pokerstar Bonii:
$4000 Milestone bonus
$1500 VIP bonus

November Net profit: $9,569.70

Year to date: $65,119.58

$10k month? nope.

gay gay gay.

The month started out so promising, with visions of going on a tear. But I've been ice cold for the 2nd half of the month.

I was actually at like $12,000 for the month 3days ago, but have managed to lose an average of $1k/day since. Most of this was playing $400NL, where I've had some bad luck.

I ran really well at $200NL and piss poor at $400NL this month, which is a bad combination IMO.

These results are sort of preliminary. My new laptop should be here any minute, so incase I have anouther database disaster I have my results here at least. I might take tommorow off anyways so whatver.

December should be a grind. I have to play about 40% more hands. Yuck.
But with my new laptop, I should be able to multi table better, and be able to use my buddylist as well. +EV.

Hopefully I can finally crack that $10k mark in december or I should probably quit. lol. Still my best month of the year, but that isn't really saying much. I'm pretty disapointed with my results thus far :(.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

random video

One of my buddies here is a pro boxer. Anyways, he's preparing for his next fight and he films all his sparring sessions. So the other day he's sparring and this happens:

He's the one in the white headgear

So yeah, end of the month is upon me, and I'll be back in a few days with my numbers. Barring any unforseen downers, it should be my best month of the year... possibly ever.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

unlimited power

There arn't too many places in Korea where you can find good collections of English books.

However, inside the CoEx mall (which is about an hour away from me) is the biggest book store in Korea.

So when we make the trip, me and my friends stock up on a bunch of good books, and then trade them around. I bought a bunch myself, and wanted to discuss one in particular.

I skimmed through the new release section, and picked up "Unlimited Power", by Anthony Robbins. I had always heard good things about him, and I have an interest in psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis. So I figured I'd check out his newest book.

Turns out it's not new at all. I think it was published in 1986 actually. But regardless, it has been a great read.

I would urge poker players to check it out. It basically teaches you how to run your own brain. How to 'lie' to yourself, and choose the state you wish to be in. It's a great way to eliminate tilt.

Outside of poker, one thing it helped me with immediately were my sleeping habits. I've often had trouble falling asleep, because I can't seem to 'turn my mind off'. I've always been pretty analytical, and sometimes I drive myself nuts. I remember once when I was a kid just lying in my bed, literally thinking about what to to think about. Anyways, nothing has changed.

I'll constantly be thinking about what I did that day, what I have to do tomorrow, poker, relationships, whatever. Sometimes it's really annoying because I need to sleep. Well, this book has taught me how to turn that voice off. Within minutes I'm asleep.

The applications are endless really, and its a good read for anyone interested in improving yourself, your poker game, or simply your life in general.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

quick update

Last couple of days have been meh. Break even over last 6k hands. Whatever. I'm still at ~$10k for the month. I made a sexy graph a few days ago before this, and that's what I'm posting :)

(click for a better look)

Anyways, I woke up early and played the sunday million but busted after a few hours. No cash.

Because of the time change (daylights savings), I can now play the million if I get up at 6:30am on Monday. I think I'll start doing this every week, as the tables were really juicy then and for many hours following. Hopefully it results in a big score so I can hit $100k+ for the year.

Oh and I ordered a new laptop. Makes more sense then the desktop at the moment. It's a Dell Inspiron 1720 Notebook. Intel Duo T7700 2.4ghz processor, with 4gigs RAM and a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video card. I upgraded the LCD too (17" WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT). Should be hot, and is only costing me ~$2k. Early x-mas christmas present to myself. :)
I think it gets delivered at the start of December.

And finally, a funny video. I saw this a while ago on billrini's blog, but he disabled embedding so I couldn't post it here. I saw it on nation's blog the other day, and just grabbed it from there.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

new dog in the nieghbourhood

My buddy Brian just bought a new dog. It peed on me.


Also, there's a funny movie/documentary a few guys put together of 'team domeski", 4 college kid's who've made millions playing poker.

Here is part 1/4: you can find the other 3parts on youtube (part 4 and 5 are awesome and involved a $10,000 propbet and hilarity):

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


All is well on the pokerfront.

The month is only 13 days old and I'm already having my best one of the year.

I'm not even running that well to be honest, but at least I'm not running bad.

Not much else is new around here. My girlfriend randomly decided to buy me a new phone which was sweet. The phone I was using was a peice of trash (bought it used when I first got here), so it's a nice step up. It's nothing super balla, but all I use it for is txting anways so whatever. I tried to find a pic oline but failed.

Oh and I think I'll get a new computer next week too. Probably head over to the electronics market and browse some stuff this weekend.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Time to throw out a few 'thank you's to some random people who've helped my out with shit this week.

Bryan - Thanks for making the new header and fucking around with it until we got it right.

Dan - Thanks for your help with the computer stuff. I've been tweeking my system and the links you hooked up were a great help. It seems like I need more RAM though -- I'll check it out this weekend. If not, I'll probably bug you again soon if I end up getting a new comp. :)

Chris - For hookin me up with the XP disk and listening to me bitch most of the weekend

Hyejin - For helping me out with the chair and shieet, sometimes I don't know how I'd get anything done here without you.

I've been pretty much breakeven since I reinstalled everything. But my $4k bonus clears soon, and then a $1500 right after that. So that will make for a sweet month regardless. I'm gonna grind hard all month and hope for the best.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

i'm a retard with a nice chair

Alright, so I'm back online after a weird weekend.

My girlfriend came by late Friday night, and we just decided to have a quiet night in. She was gonna stay over, and then spend Saturday with me. This obviously means no poker.

So I figure this is a great chance to format my hard drive in the hopes of speeding this beast up.

I backed everything important up to my external hard drive, and begin the process.

Long story short, 5 hours later I realize I'm an idiot and who formatted his external hard drive instead. So yeah, everything was gone. All my pictures, all my albums, all my poker stuff... everything... gone. Some of the stuff was irreplaceable like my old sets from when I DJ'd back home.

So I quietly freak out, as to not wake up my girl, frantically trying to think of any way I can recover my data. I must've told myself I was a morAn a million times. I felt so stupid... like I can't even explain. And I'm not clueless with computers -- I've formatted ~5 different comps, so it made me feel even worse.

I couldn't think at that point so I just went to bed.

This story has 80% of a happy ending though. I managed to find a few programs, and was able to salvage ~80% of the data. Most of what was I lost was albums, which unfortunatley included some of my irreplaceable music. My poker database was also corrupted (I think I may have just backed it up improperly), but I requested all my hands from Stars and should get it in a day or two.

I'm still a retard though. This pretty much led to a lot of extra work, and put me in a grumpy mood for the weekend.

Comp is running smoothly though now, and I'm thinking it should be able to handle the extra load (though I havn't tried yet).

If it still doesn't work out I'll use Dan's suggestion and just pick up some more RAM. I just wonder if it'll be difficult to find RAM for an HP laptop in korea? meh

Anyways, so yeah... I'm a retard, but I have a nice chair. Or at least I will soon. I just ordered the DuoBack Chairman DR-130:

It's supposed to be pretty awesome, and I've read a million good reviews about it. Seeing as I'm gonna be plopped in front of my computer all next year, I figure its a good investment in my health.

Finally, Nate asked a question in the comments about my setup. I'll probably take some pics when the new chair gets here. But yeah, I have an additional monitor where I keep the lobby and any other programs running. I play all the tables on my 17" laptop with tonnes of overlap. It's kind of like 4 stacks of tables, but slightly off centered which saves me from a lot of misclicks. No neck problems really, I usually wont even have to move my neck... just dart my eyes around.

I generally just drink water and listen to music. Once you start putting in long sessions, it just sort of gets easier. I've heard from lots of people that 5minute breaks every hour help out. I usually only stop to use the washroom, but then again, I'm a retard.

Friday, November 02, 2007

mass mutlitabling?

Well, I was all geared up to give 18tabling a shot today, but it didn't quite work out how I planned.

While I think I can easily handle the speed, it seems that my computer can not. I was getting crazy amoutns of lag with 18tables, so I cut it down to 15 which was OK. But I had to close down all other programs other than my HUD and winamp, which I simply can't do without.

I managed to play 6hrs w/o a break and got in 5,298hands (booked a nice $800profit too).

So I dunno what to do from here. I think I'm gonna format my computer and see how it reacts. If it's still slow, I mgiht just buy a new desktop.

This last week has been good to me, averaging ~$700/day. Ah, if only I could keep this pace up :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

interesting development

As some of you may know, I play 12tables at a time.
Why 12tables? Well, because it's the maximum allowed at pokerstars.
The cap is in place so people don't slow down the games too much.

Well, as of this morning, the cap has been extended to TWENTY FOUR tables.


24 tables is just insane... I don't think I could play well on that many tables. 16-18, I can see myself doing though.

So this development has me questioning what my plans are for next year. I could stay at 1-2NL and grind out 150,000hands a month (If I can comfortably play 18 tables, this is only 30hrs/week) and essentially guarantee myself $100,000 net profit for '08. If I run good it could even be closer to $200,000.

OR do I cut down on tables so I can concentrate, move up, improve, and try to make it to high stakes NL games where I could conceivably be having $50k+ months.

Basically, do I play it safe, or do I shoot for stars?