Friday, November 02, 2007

mass mutlitabling?

Well, I was all geared up to give 18tabling a shot today, but it didn't quite work out how I planned.

While I think I can easily handle the speed, it seems that my computer can not. I was getting crazy amoutns of lag with 18tables, so I cut it down to 15 which was OK. But I had to close down all other programs other than my HUD and winamp, which I simply can't do without.

I managed to play 6hrs w/o a break and got in 5,298hands (booked a nice $800profit too).

So I dunno what to do from here. I think I'm gonna format my computer and see how it reacts. If it's still slow, I mgiht just buy a new desktop.

This last week has been good to me, averaging ~$700/day. Ah, if only I could keep this pace up :)


dankind said...

Max out your RAM, should help. get at least 2GB, 4GB if you can.

BlackRain79 said...

Thats weird. I've had a lot of lag problems with FTP in the past cuz they're software sucks, but never Stars, and my computer is terrible. Maybe more RAM like Dan said.

Wondering if I could ask you a few questions. What is your setup like and how do you arrange tables? Assuming you have a couple big LCD's do you have problems with the constant neck movement and far mouse movements? Have you tried stacking tables?

Also, for long sessions, do you have any musts to keep you going like certain caffienated beverages? I'm usually ready to snap after 4/5 hours =/ thanks man