Tuesday, March 16, 2010

oh yeah! blogging

Sorry for the neglect, I have no excuses.

Havn't posted anything since superbowl and quite a bit has gone down since. I actually entered a different superbowl squares pool and won the whole thing! It wasn't as big but the $5k was a nice treat. Pretty sure I blew it all during the olympics though lol.

They were absolutely insane. I've never seen anything like it - the streets were jammed packed the whole time and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. I got a chance to see deadmau5, wale, mstrkrft, and even got out to see one of the hockey games. Once in a lifetime experience but was pretty relieved when it was over. I was just exhausted.

What else? Well, I'm moving downtown next week. I'm about 30m outside of vancouver now, so it'll be nice to be right in the core. The best steakhouse in the city is right across the street so it could get expensive!

Oh and I've got my summer plans all sorted out. Me and 8 other mid-high stakes guys are renting out a legit mansion for the whole series. The place sleeps 41 people, has a theater, basketball court, putting green, poker room, etc.

Should be insane. Really looking forward to vegas again.

Oh yeah and I'm still winning money playing poker too which is nice. :)