Friday, November 20, 2009


well, i doubt i could be running any worse.

if you caught the wsop final table this week, you'd have seen how bad all my horses ran and how sick hot joe cada ran. so yeah that bet from the last post didnt work out too well for me. gg $500

but at least bcpc is in town, and the easy money is floating around town. time to crush cash games and own tourny donks!

i busted in day one of each event, so gg $5k+.

also yesterday i had dinner with 15 of my closest 2+2 friends and gained the priveldge of buying everyone dinner after a failed credit card roulette bid. gg 2.5k. :(

so im stuck like $10k this month if you count my ftops fails. ugh.
even though everyone is in town this weekend im just gonna go into lockdown.

im just not in a partying mood.

im going to make $10k, no matter what it takes. long nights? 24hr sessions? peeing in water bottles? i dont care. im making it happen.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

WSOP Prop Bet

Well the final table of the WSOP main event goes off this weekend.

I'm really hoping Ivey wins because, well, he's the man. Check out the E:60 spot he did with ESPN:

I also made a prop bet with a buddy for the final table. We did a draft and I got first pick so obv my team is a lock. We have $500 on the winner, with Darvin Moon being a push.

Team Main:
Eric Buchman
Phil Ivey
Jeff Schulman
James Akenhead

Team Rick:
Steve Begleiter
Joe Cada
Kevin Schaffel
Antoine Saout

The only person I don't have that I want is Joe Cada. He's a beast, but I couldn't take him over Ivey.

I also heard Doyle and Negraneu have a 'must-win' prop bet, with Daniel taking Ivey, and Doyle taking Darvin Moon. If someone other than Ivey or Moon wins, the bet is off.
It's an even money bet... I'm not even sure who's side I like, but I think if I had to choose I'd go with Doyle's (moon). What do you think?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Alright, I have my next tourny lined up, and it's right in my own backyard!

The British Columbia Poker Championships start on November 12th, and the 4day $2500 main event starts on the 19th. There is a $500 and $1k event before the main event and I'll probably play in both if they don't sell out.

It's all going to be at the river rock casino. Never been, but I've heard it's nice. The cash games are supposed to be really soft too, so I may take some shots. One of my buddys here told me the 10/25NL games are pretty juicy so I'll get in that if I run good at 5/10NL.

I'll keep you all on updated on what happens.