Wednesday, October 31, 2007

october results

Cash Games:
Hold 'em:
54,998 hands for $3,141.75 [$40.30/hr]

22 hands for $403 [$1,209.00/hr] :)

7 played for a net loss of ($389.50)

Pokerstar Bonii:
$1500 VIP bonus

October Net profit: $4655.25

Year to date: $55,549.88

I guess October was a pretty good month overall. I took ~2weeks off, and still managed to book a decent profit. I ran well below expectation, and was on the wrong end of a sick amount of set vs. oversets and other various coolers. But I'm not going to dwell on that. Let's hope those are out of the way and the tables are turned in November.

I'm actually looking forward to the next 2 months, and hoping they're huge for me.
First off, I'll be getting the $4000 and $5000 bonuses from pokerstars. Secondly, I'm mixing in some higher limit games into the mix.

My hope is to put together back to back $10,000 months which should be pretty doable if I put in the hours. Shouldn't be tough as I'll have lots of time to grind. My g/f is busy with work/school and the weather is starting to get cold so I have less desire to get out and party. That doesn't leave much else to do but hibernate and play a tonne of poker. :)

My guess is I'll end the year ~$80,000 profit, which is a little dissapointing in all honesty. But I'll take it. If I can play and run well at $400NL, and other games... I suppose $100k is possible.

My goal growing up in highschool and univeristy was to ONE DAY make $100,000/yr. A nice number that would allow me to live very comfortably. Plus it's just cool to say you make SIX FIGURES! Haha, anways it would be awesome if I could accomplish it my first year out of school.

Here's hoping....

Oh and happy b-day to my dad, on this happy halloween... have a good one!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

back again

Well, I've been back from laos and it was good a time.
Generally the people are super friendly, but there isn't a hell of a lot to do. There are only a few clubs that go past 12pm. We basically ended up relaxing all day and getting cheap massages, and drinking all night.
As far as relaxation goes, it was pretty good.

Pretty sceneic palce as well. Here's an idea of what you could expect:

Also cruised down the nam song river in intertube for a few hours which was really beautiful to see. I don't have my own video, but this will give you some idea.

Alright - I'll be back at the end of the month wiht my pathetic numbers.


Friday, October 26, 2007

I came across this new website that was just released called

Basically, it lets you ask questions of Wikipedia and does some natural language processing to find the answer.

It gets most basic questions about poker and some that aren't so basic

"What is poker?"

"When was David Sklansky born?"

"Where was Daniel Negreanu born?"

"When was the World Poker Tour founded?"

"What school did David Sklansky go to?"

It even gets "How big is my dick?"

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey, I'm taking a mini-vacation and heading to Laos tommorow morning.

Back next wednesday.

Friday, October 12, 2007

probably my best post ever

I went to everland with my girl the other day. It's a great amusement park/zoo in korea.
Fun rides, good times, blah blah blah, masturbating monkeys:

Sorry my video skillz are lacking, but the vid is awesome nonetheless.

Also, I decided to go to Laos on wednesday for no reason other than that I can.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The homestretch

Well, the end of the calender year is drawing closer, and it's time to make a push.

I'm certainly way off the ambitious goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year, which was $200k. lol.

I suppose if I played as much as I had planned (I should end up at ~50%) this might have been possible, but as it stands I should come up pretty short (barring any surprise tournament win or something).

I will probably also come short of the ultimate goal I set at the beginning of my blog, which is to earn $100,000 in one year.

But I'm thinking positively about the next coming months. I have a game plan, and am hoping to pull in about 30-40% of my annual income in the next 82days.

This will be largely in part to the $4,000 and $5,000 bonuses I will be reaching(stars supernova milestones), and the other 5 $1500 bonuses I will get while reaching those. So that's $16,500 right there, plus whatever I make at the tables. I'm hoping to at least match that and grab a cool $33,000 before the year end.

Actually I guess there is nothing cool about the number 33,000, but it's fun to say regardless.

So, this means playing 3000hands/day for the rest of the year -- 246,000hands. Shouldn't be a problem at all.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

pretty good movie, imo

There's an interesting poker movie out called "the big blind".
The acting, directing, soundtrack and cinematography are all pretty incredible.

I didn't think anything would be able to top rounders, but this movie definitely has the potential.

Check out this scene and I'm sure you'll agree

Anyways, I'm off to go watch it again.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

APPT Trip Report

First things first, I have to give it up to Pokerstars for a sick-good event.
Incredibly well run, and they took really good care of thier players. Being at the event has made me really want to play some more.

That said, I didn't cash in the main event. I've never played any tournament with such a slow structure, and maybe I didn't adjust as well as I could've. But then, maybe I'm just being results oriented.

I lasted about 8hours into day 1.
I got involved in about 4 memorable pots, and didn't take down a single one. I think I played them all out of position too, but I couldn't really help that.

The table was full of unknowns.

The first hand I got involved in was with JJ in the SB. I still had my starting stack, which was 10k. BLinds were 25/50 and the Hijack raised to 150. No real reads yet, but I bumped it up to 550 which he called. The flop came AQx, I fired a continuation bet of $1k which he called. I shut down and check/folded the turn.

Next hand, blinds still 25/50 I think. Same guy as last hand raises to 150 from late position. The small blind calls him, and I squeeze to 650 with AQ. Open raiser folds, and small blind calls. The player was really weak from what I had seen, but was a nice guy Canadian who had qualified for $1. I figured I'd be able to take it away on most flops without resistance.

Flop came 9 high, and I bet 1200. He doesn't think long and calls. The turn pairs the 9, and he donk bets into me for $2k. I pretend to think a bit and fold.

I have about 6500 now, and pick up AK in MP. Blinds are 50/100 now. I raise to 300 and get called by the button.

Flop was Q high, 2 spades. I fire 500 into the flop and get snapped called, which makes me think he has spades. The turn is another spade so I bet again because I'm smart. I bet 1k and he thinks and raises me to 4k. I pretend to think again and FOLD and am now on tilt because I get no respect.

So I have ~half my stack now, but still lots of room to work with. And now I have a laggy/weak image as I had been opening more pots than anyone else at the table.

So naturally, this is the perfect time for the tourney director to come and move me to a new table. sonofahyatctchcuihcicici.

He brings me to my new table, and things perk up as he sits me a few seats away from Joe Hachem. I'm not really concerned or anything, actually I'm pretty excited about the whole thing.

I hung out with Joe a bit the night before at the pokerstars party, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. So obviously I say hi to him as I sit, but he ignores me which puts me on even more tilt. Now not only do I have a shortstack, but I get to find out nobody likes me.

Joe played pretty well, except that he limped a lot of pots. I guess it was because he could get away with it as the table was pretty weak tight. He limped when I was in the big blind a few times, which allowed me to lead at a few pots and slowly build up my stack. I managed to climb back as high as 8k, but no further.

Eventually I dwindled back down to about 4k when blinds were 150/300. Some older asian dude who had been active raised to 900 from MP. I pushed on the button with 66. He thought for like 5 minutes which made me happy and then calls with AKs. WTF DUDE SLOWROLLZZ YOU HAVE 20K IN CHIPS.

Flop KKx, turn A, gg me.

All in all it was fun. Met some cool people and learned a thing or two.

What was more fun was the cash games afterwards. I destroyed 2/5 and 1/2 for the next 3 days for $3,000 and like 1,000,000 gin and tonics.

Anyways, since I've been back at my apartment things have been shitty. A bunch of my friends are in trouble, and some left the country. Plus my Internet has been out for 3days (just came back today) and my fridge is broken.

Ok so I come back on monday and open my fridge, which is warm and very smelly. I leave it because I'm lazy and deal with it on Tuesday.
So I call the technician and he comes and says the compressor is shot. $180 to fix. Whatever, it's 5yrs old and these things happen. Plus it's not mine so I get my g/f to get hold of the landlord so she can fix/replace it.

Keep in mind that in 14months, I've never seen/spoken to/asked for anything from my landlord. Also that I had $100+ worth of groceries in there, which I've had to toss out.

SO yeh, the real estate liaison says that the owner will be VERY angry to hear about this problem, and that is my fault for damaging the fridge. Also, in the 5yrs of this building, there has never been a problem with any fridge. OH REALLY? As an employee of an electronics chain for 3years, I can sort of smell the bullshit here.

Anyways. She gets hold of the landlord, and now she wants to come and look at it. Why in the world does she need to see the fridge? Is she a fridge expert? The technician said what the problem was, told her it was not my fault-- so just deal with it please.

It's just really annoying that she doesn't believe me and that everyone assumes its my fault. Isn't it totally standard to have to make repairs to your place? And shes going to come in, and say things I wont understand, and she wont understand me, so it's just going to be a mess.

whatever this post is way too long, eff it im going to sleep.

september results

Cash Games:
52,940 hands for $1,624.70 [$20.18/hr]

Live Games:
~25hrs for $2,941.24

17 played for a net of ($2921.74) includes APPT buyin+$500 event

Pokerstar Bonii:
$125 Reload bonus
$3000 APPT package

July Net profit: $4769.20
Year to date: $50,894.63

Thank god I crushed live cash games so hard or the month would've sucked.

There's a slim chance I cash $5500 in bonuses next month. Fingers crossed.