Wednesday, October 31, 2007

october results

Cash Games:
Hold 'em:
54,998 hands for $3,141.75 [$40.30/hr]

22 hands for $403 [$1,209.00/hr] :)

7 played for a net loss of ($389.50)

Pokerstar Bonii:
$1500 VIP bonus

October Net profit: $4655.25

Year to date: $55,549.88

I guess October was a pretty good month overall. I took ~2weeks off, and still managed to book a decent profit. I ran well below expectation, and was on the wrong end of a sick amount of set vs. oversets and other various coolers. But I'm not going to dwell on that. Let's hope those are out of the way and the tables are turned in November.

I'm actually looking forward to the next 2 months, and hoping they're huge for me.
First off, I'll be getting the $4000 and $5000 bonuses from pokerstars. Secondly, I'm mixing in some higher limit games into the mix.

My hope is to put together back to back $10,000 months which should be pretty doable if I put in the hours. Shouldn't be tough as I'll have lots of time to grind. My g/f is busy with work/school and the weather is starting to get cold so I have less desire to get out and party. That doesn't leave much else to do but hibernate and play a tonne of poker. :)

My guess is I'll end the year ~$80,000 profit, which is a little dissapointing in all honesty. But I'll take it. If I can play and run well at $400NL, and other games... I suppose $100k is possible.

My goal growing up in highschool and univeristy was to ONE DAY make $100,000/yr. A nice number that would allow me to live very comfortably. Plus it's just cool to say you make SIX FIGURES! Haha, anways it would be awesome if I could accomplish it my first year out of school.

Here's hoping....

Oh and happy b-day to my dad, on this happy halloween... have a good one!


------ said...

Good luck with the goals, John.

Put a little aside for a trip back home in April/May for the Raptors' playoff run (today is the season opener).

Let's go Raptors!!!

the_main said...

ty sir
and yeah, I'm pumped -- d/ling the season opener as we speak!

No spoilers!