Thursday, January 31, 2008

janurary wrap up

Well, the first month of 2008 is about done and I'm glad to say I'm pretty much on-pace for supernova elite.

I'm currently at 83,777/1,000,000vpps.
I havn't been posting regular updates b/c I have a prop bet with another player for who can reach 100k faster. I didn't want to give him an edge by knowing my pace. Anyways, now I'm pretty confident I'll win so whatever.

I played a sick sick sick amount of hands this month -- 170,000. That's ~50k more than I ever have. My results showed the hard work and I booked my best month by about 50%. If I can keep this pace I might be able to triple my net from last year.

So I'm gonna keep on grinding until the 5th, when I leave for Hong Kong. I'm verrry stoked about this trip, it should be awesome. I'll try to take some pics and give a good report when I get back.

Hopefully I can get to 100k VPPs before I leave.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

great headsup match

Pokerstars hosts a $5000 freezeout, with a 'winner takes all' structure.

I'm not sure how many entries this one had, but I guess something like 13-15.

The tournament came down to Barry Greenstien(barryg1) and Apathy (who has won the MSNL headsup championship 2 years in a row).

You can watch the whole matchup right here, WITH hole cards exposed.
note:it's ~90mins long

Oh and in regards to my superbowl squares pool, I pooled my squares with calleddownlight, so I now have 19% of 4squares instead of 1 square. Less variance, yadda yadda.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

HS $500 Superbowl Squares Pool

I havn't done any sportsbetting for over a year, so I figured I'd throw down on a pool the high stakes guys have going for the super bowl next week. We have a $50,000 squares pool going, for $500/sq. I grabbed a square and hopefully catch a good draw and get lucky.

If you don't know what that is (cliff notes at bottom):
"Football Squares Rules: Within the grid, the top row of numbers represents the possible points scored of team one and the left column represents team two’s score. (The numbers are not placed in these squares until the players have added their names to the grid.)All the players add their names to the other free squares within the grid. Depending on the number of players, some may choose more than one square. As soon as the players have filled in all of the squares, numbers from 0 to 9 are drawn blindly and filled in across the top row. This is repeated for the left column. When you’re done, you’ll have numbers from 0 to 9 in random order across the top row and down the left column, and names filled in all of the other squares.The object of the game is to “choose” the score of the game by having your name in the square at the intersection of the final points of each team (as you draw an imaginary line down from team one’s score at the top and across from team two’s score). If there is a two-digit number, the second digit is used for the match. For example, if team one has 14 points and team two has 21, the person in the square at the intersection of #4 from the top row and #1 from the left column wins. You will have four winners by selecting the scores at the end of each quarter."

Cliff notes: A squares pool is neutral EV roulette with a good sweat.

Here's the pool... the image will update as numbers are drawn. I'm the_main, obv.

edit 1: I now have 19% action of 4squares... mine and all of calleddownlight's.
edit 2: I have 20% of 2 squares in the mulligan pool as well, under the name 'holdem2000'

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Awkward moments in poker: Juice it up

Check out this video.

It's a pro-am event, and Erick Lindgren takes a little jab at Jose Canseco. Happens about 2mins in.

It's pretty LOL and Ivey's reaction is awesome

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

poker bustouts

I wanted to share a pretty entertaining poker documentary with my readers.

I'm not sure the exact reason why it's entertaining, but it definitley works on a few different levels. I actually think the whole thing might actually be a giant level, but there is no way these guys could act so well.

Anyway, check out the first part here, and follow the link at the end of the post see the other 4 installments.

For the rest:

Sunday, January 13, 2008

HighStakes Bathroom propbet

Today, I came across one of the more interesting prop bets that I've seen in a while.
Good2cU, a high stakes cash player offered another midstakes grinder an undisclosed 5 figure bet that would have the latter staying in a bellagio hotel room bathroom for a month.

The guy, Jay I beleive, can't leave the bathroom but has access to a DVD player and TV, plus room service.

The best part is they set up a live feed so you can watch the 'action'


There is more info on the bet here:

My month is going really well so far. 13days in, and it's shaping up to be my best month ever AND I'm on pace for supernova elite.

I also planned a short trip to Hong Kong to celebrate chinese new year. What better place to do it than China, amirite?

Life is good.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

the times, they are a changing

The games have been so terrible today, I couldn't find much motivation to play. ONly got in about 3,000 hands but managed to grind out a profit.

I had a sweet run at 2/4 and 3/6 on Monday, while chasing a really terrible player. I managed to take about $1000 off him when all was said and done. He was probabaly one of the worst players I've seen in months, and was sitting on a tonne of cash over 2 tables. What I couldn't beleive was that good players kept leaving the game and we struggled to keep a full table. WTF? SInce when do poker players hate money?

But anyways, I'm not complaining.

Month has been ok so far. I've played a lot of hands and am easily on pace to set a record for myself. Possibly for profit, but definitely for hands.

On an unrelated note, I caught wind of this new monitor coming out in a few months:

Sweeeet curved screen. I don't know how it would be for poker, but I want it. No clue what it'll cost, but it will likely be ridiculous b/c it's from alienware.

you can find more on it here:

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cardplayer TV - The mouthpeice

A friend pointed me in this direction earlier today. Apparenlty Mike "the mouth" Matasow has a TV show on cardplayer. It runs about 1/2hr and is pretty funny.

There are 30 episodes. I've seen the first two and they were pretty funny.

You can find them at:

SNE Update:

Friday, January 04, 2008

First few days +female women

One thing I've noticed right away this year, is the increase of tight players at the table. While this effectively makes the games slightly harder, what I'm more concerned about is the decrease in my VPP accrual.

For supernova elite, I need 1,000,000VPPS. Last year I was earning points at around .57/hand. SO far after my first 20k hands this year, I'm at .47/hand. Yikes. If htings don't pick up, I'm going to need to put in more hours, which sucks.

My hope is that it's just the new year, and lots of players are trying for elite. Most will burnout/fail, and games will get looser. If not, I don't know how I can manage to put in ~2,000,000 hands this year. We'll see how it goes.

Right now though, 9,221/1,000,000 (almost 1%, ship it~!)

On another note, somehow I came across a classic Bill Fillmaff video. I don't know if I've ever mentioned him here before, but it's a great poker parody. Here's my favourite entry, 'female women'. The other episodes can be found on youtube.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Relfections on 07 + Supernova Elite

2007 was OK.
From a financial standpoint, it sort of sucked. I made a lot less than I planned, and played less then I should've.

From a personal standpoint, it was great. I had tonnes of fun, freedom and excitement. And of course I got to travel a lot.

I probably put in about 900hrs of work, which is like 17hrs/week, which is golden. I'm going to try to put in 1700hrs this year, and hopefully double my output ($150k).

So yeah, I guess I'm saying I've decided to make a run at Supernova Elite(SNE).

This is about $100,000 in value, plus whatever I make at the tables.

That said, I want to turn this blog away from my finances and results. It was mainly a statement to family and friends that I could make decent money 'gambling'. I think I've done that. So this year will concentrate on fun things, and my race to SNE.

I don't want people worrying about me, and most people can't fathom that I can lose $3,000 in a day and it's normal. I may post a quarterly, semi-annual, annual update, or none at all. I havn't decided completely, but it's probably the latter.

So yeah, SNE:
After my first 1.5 days of play, I'm at 4,945/1,000,000. I'm aiming for 20,000pts a week, which will leave me with 2 weeks for vacation. I have a bet with a friend as to who can reach 100,000 first. It's only for $100, but its decent motivation.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Results

January - $6,146.28
February - $6,844.20
March - $6,345.11
April - $2,002.50
May- $7,558.51
June -$7,724.71
july- $6,240.57
August- $3,263.55
September - $4,769.20
October - $4,655.25
November - $9,569.70
December -$9,632



Cash Games:
826,604 hands for $34,155.57

224 for ($1,350)


Random flipping/other games/unaccounted:

If I had to guess (I don't have my entire database), I'd say my hourly rate was around $80/hr.

december results

Cash Games:
Hold 'em:
126,332 hands for $1632 [$12.95/hr]

Not sure actually because PT wont import summaries. I made some cash in a VIP freeroll, and only played a few more. I'm just calling it even.

Pokerstar Bonii:
$5000 Milestone bonus
$3000 in VIP bonuses

December Net profit: $9,632
Year to date: $74,751.58

Not a great month. If it wasnt for the milestones and insane number of hands I played, it would've been terrible. It was a strange month in that it seemed like I dropped ~$500 everyday, and had a few really huge days in between.