Thursday, January 31, 2008

janurary wrap up

Well, the first month of 2008 is about done and I'm glad to say I'm pretty much on-pace for supernova elite.

I'm currently at 83,777/1,000,000vpps.
I havn't been posting regular updates b/c I have a prop bet with another player for who can reach 100k faster. I didn't want to give him an edge by knowing my pace. Anyways, now I'm pretty confident I'll win so whatever.

I played a sick sick sick amount of hands this month -- 170,000. That's ~50k more than I ever have. My results showed the hard work and I booked my best month by about 50%. If I can keep this pace I might be able to triple my net from last year.

So I'm gonna keep on grinding until the 5th, when I leave for Hong Kong. I'm verrry stoked about this trip, it should be awesome. I'll try to take some pics and give a good report when I get back.

Hopefully I can get to 100k VPPs before I leave.

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