Wednesday, January 30, 2008

great headsup match

Pokerstars hosts a $5000 freezeout, with a 'winner takes all' structure.

I'm not sure how many entries this one had, but I guess something like 13-15.

The tournament came down to Barry Greenstien(barryg1) and Apathy (who has won the MSNL headsup championship 2 years in a row).

You can watch the whole matchup right here, WITH hole cards exposed.
note:it's ~90mins long

Oh and in regards to my superbowl squares pool, I pooled my squares with calleddownlight, so I now have 19% of 4squares instead of 1 square. Less variance, yadda yadda.


Razboynik said...

Hi dude !
I saw you multi-tabling at Pokerstars today and was very impressed with your performance.
I just can't win and it's driving me crazy. Any tips ?
(BLUFF ME ! at PS)

the_main said...

hey, nice playing with you!
thanks for the words.

i think i made a thin call down vs you b/c your line made no sense... and was right.
i'd probably say my intial thoughts would be to tighten up a bit and work on your bet sizing...

good luck!