Thursday, January 03, 2008

Relfections on 07 + Supernova Elite

2007 was OK.
From a financial standpoint, it sort of sucked. I made a lot less than I planned, and played less then I should've.

From a personal standpoint, it was great. I had tonnes of fun, freedom and excitement. And of course I got to travel a lot.

I probably put in about 900hrs of work, which is like 17hrs/week, which is golden. I'm going to try to put in 1700hrs this year, and hopefully double my output ($150k).

So yeah, I guess I'm saying I've decided to make a run at Supernova Elite(SNE).

This is about $100,000 in value, plus whatever I make at the tables.

That said, I want to turn this blog away from my finances and results. It was mainly a statement to family and friends that I could make decent money 'gambling'. I think I've done that. So this year will concentrate on fun things, and my race to SNE.

I don't want people worrying about me, and most people can't fathom that I can lose $3,000 in a day and it's normal. I may post a quarterly, semi-annual, annual update, or none at all. I havn't decided completely, but it's probably the latter.

So yeah, SNE:
After my first 1.5 days of play, I'm at 4,945/1,000,000. I'm aiming for 20,000pts a week, which will leave me with 2 weeks for vacation. I have a bet with a friend as to who can reach 100,000 first. It's only for $100, but its decent motivation.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should write a book about your year (or years?) in Asia, teaching English and gambling. I'd buy it.

DO IT. It's good to hear you're doing well -- and too bad about the Philippines. Perhaps you will see the country that us Funny Little Island People call home.

Happy New Year!

seymour:cards said...

hey main,

good luck in 2008, hope you achieve SNE and look forward to the progress


Anonymous said...

The Main, if it's not secret, what limit you are playing?

Anonymous said...

Johnny, Mike Choi here...Good luck with reachhing you goals this year,keep up the hard work...and please send your mailing address to my email at, The wife and I have cards we'd like to send out to everyone who made it to our wedding last September....Just got back from Vegas last week, up and down at the tables, mostly played 1/2 no limit and 2-4 limit...made my money at 1/2 but caught some bad moments at 2-4 that didn't do me well..say hi to tommy, chris, colin, Jeremy and the rest of the Arion crew...cheers and Happy New Year.CHOI

Anonymous said...

please excuse my garbage spelling and grammar mistakes...LOL

the_main said...

Thanks for the wishes, all the best in the new year!

thanks! I'll think about the book, but nothing exciting happens since settling down with the g/f ;)

1/2 & 2/4 NL at the moment. I'd like to add some 3/6 when the table conditions are good.

consider it done