Thursday, August 31, 2006

The month is over and I feel very meh about it. I rode a monster wave of variance near the end. Here's the graph:

I totally forgot about that huge downswing at the start of the month... pretty weak.


Hands: 27,009
Moniez: $2751.55
Hourly rate: $35/hr :(
bb/100: 2.61 :(
mt ratio: 5.74

At least its better than last month. With all those big swings down (One for $1500 and a few nearing $1000), I guess I can't be dissapointed with the month. I'm proud I got so many hands in. Next month will be better, and will include calulated shots at limits as high as $600. I plan to mix $400NL games in on the weekend and nights that are juicy. I'll play up to $600 if I'm following a fish up. This will be good for multiple reasons. 1) More money to be had and 2) it will desensitize me to $200NL. For example, now if I play $100NL, I play absolutely fearlessly. My bankroll is huge for these games and can make plays with less concern for the money. At $200NL I still get that uneasy feeling when I lose a big pot. Hopefully winning and losing at higher stakes will give me that fearlessness at $200NL. I mean, I used to feel this way when I played $100NL, so it only makes sense.

I'll check back in and let you know how september is treating me.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well, it took 77,056 hands, but I finally hit 10k profitz since I began this quest.

Cash games:
62,781 hands/ $8974.09 (270.13 hours)

14,134 hands/ $1,447.84 (146 tournies, with a ridiculous 226% ROI)

That ROI is pretty sick, I should really play some more tournaments. I think I'm going to try and get into the WCOOP and win some big moniez.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

All is well on the poker front. I'm at $2580 for the month, but more importantly I'm really close to hitting $10,000US in profit since I ended school a few months ago. Looking at the numbers, I'm on pace to do ~$30k this year, but I'm thinking 50k is attainable. Combine this with the fact that I actually work a real job now, and I should have a pretty profitable year.

All I can do is put in the time and the hands, and hope everything goes well.

I'll let you know when I hit 10k (~$225 away from it).

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Month is still going pretty well.

Today is Idenpendence Day in South Korea, so I got a chance to log 1500 or so hands. Booked a nice session, despite running my KK into AA on the flop (when we both flopped sets) and running my K-high flush into an A-high flush (where I feel I managed to only lose the minimum).

Mid-August Results:
12,509 hands
$2,143 profit

I love that I've alreayd played 20% more hands already this month than I did last. Finally I'm on pace to get a lot of hands in, and there is really nothing to stop me.

Feel free to check out my blog in Korea -- I've added a link to the side bar, but it's located at:


Saturday, August 12, 2006

9554 hands - $1475 profit
My winrate is still ~4. I'm begining to wonder if that is my actual winrate at this level or just bad negative variance. I guess I can't complian, b/c it's leading to about $50/hr, but I really think/wish it should be up closer to 8. Only time will tell I suppose.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

<\3 variance.

8290 hands already for the month. And I'm down since my last post? $1288 profit with a staggering 3.97bb/100 winrate. My multitable ratio is waaaay up though, so my hourly rate is a 'happy time' $48/hr. I also won the biggest pot of my poker career yesterday. $798.15. There was a moron giving away money at the table, and I took a lot of it (then gave some back when I had a full house trumped by his quads). All in all, I probably took $500 off that one guy. Anyhow, that hand he paid off my set with his two pair and another guy had an overpair. It was a very sexy pot. It was the biggest I've ever seen at 200NL by over $100.

Anyhow, I'm on pace to do some damage this month -- hopefully I can crack 5k... that would be lovely.

rock on.

Friday, August 04, 2006

<3 August.

2089 hands - $1,379.15 profit so far
$224/hour with a multi table ratio of 5.7 (i've been playing as much as 9 at once)

My 16.47ptbb/100 winrate is sustainable, I swear.

Edit: Casino bonuses sucked - I lost them both for a grand total of -$1