Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Month is starting off right -- finally booked a win in my casino whoring monthly adventures. Book a $291 win at zero risk.

Ok, I'm off to play my first 8 hour session of the new month.

January Results

Well, I made it through january alive. It was the most trying month of my poker career. I never really expected I could get such a cold run of cards. I hope this will end up being my worst month of the year, and that I can just put it behind me.

The month ended pretty well, and I crawled back to net a decent profit.

Anyhow, here are the numbers:

Cash Games:

$200NL - 112,570 hands for $2237
$200PL - 4,442 hands for ($196)
$400NL - 2,923 hands for ($1,090)

Other lower games make up the difference, but:

120,238 hands for $969.51 [$5.34/hr]

Tournaments (SNGs mostly):

71 tournies for a net of ($203.23)

$5380 [$4500 + $880 milestone hand bonus]


Overall, I think this month has had positives. Going through that massive downswing has made me a much stronger player. I have experienced just about as bad as it gets, so nothing else should be able to phase me. My goal remains the same... 200k in 2007.

My other goal of supernova elite status still stands, but I'm a bit behind this month.
If I fail to reach this goal, I'm losing about $25,000 in value --I need to get motivated.

I'll check back in next week.

Friday, January 19, 2007

"One Day, you will run worse than you ever thought possible"

Well, for me, that day has come. This month has been absolutely GROSS. Coolers, suckouts, and some tilty play here and there has left me with a negative earning for the month.

So sick, plz enjoy:

$200NL = 72,104 hands for $875
$200PL = 3,221 hands for ($235)
$400NL = 2,600 hands for ($834)
$400PL = 219 hands for $119

Total = 78,157 hands ($90) OR ($0.77/hr)

Yesssir, thats like an 80k breakeven stretch. Well, my winrate is .08ptbb/100, so thats a slight positive.

Oh and I'm stuck an extra hundo betting flop colors with another player (who is a lucksack, btw).

ON THE BRIGHTSIDE -- I cleared a $1500 bonus, and will probably be clearing another one this month b/c the France EPT was cancelled. I'm still looking into germany, but the flight is like $2.5k roundtrip.. wtf? pokerstars only covers $1,000 of the flight, so yeah... I'm currently looking into alternatives .

bottom line is I'm still up like $2,200 for the month.

Brightside pt.2 - raptors are playing awesome. when they win the championship, i will win $22k and none of this will matter.

The weekend is coming up, and I plan to put in marathon sessions. Hopefully the go well *fingers crossed*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

fuck off

taking shots at $400NL, this beauty comes up

PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $4 BB (9 handed) Hand History Converter Tool from (Format: HTML)

saw flopsaw showdown

BB ($249.20)
UTG ($170.20)
UTG+1 ($410)
MP1 ($439)
MP2 ($202)
MP3 ($353.90)
CO ($220.60)
Button ($468.15)
SB ($408.60)

Preflop: Hero is Button with Ks, Kc.
2 folds, MP1 raises to $12, 1 fold, MP3 calls $12, 1 fold, Button raises to $32, 2 folds, MP1 calls $20, MP3 calls $20.

Flop: ($102) Js, 5h, 5d (3 players)
MP1 checks, MP3 checks, Button bets $50, MP1 folds, MP3 raises to $100, Hero calls $50.

Turn: ($302) 2s (2 players)
MP3 bets $24, Button raises to $336.15, MP3 calls $197.90 (All-In).

River: ($860.05) Jc (2 players, 1 all-in)

Final Pot: $860.05

Results below:
UTG doesn't show.
MP3 has Qh Jh (full house, jacks full of fives).
Hero has Ks Kc (two pair, kings and jacks).
Outcome: MP3 wins $745.80. Hero wins $114.25.

96% fucking favourite

shoot me /// i'm down 6 or 7 hundo for the day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I've now played 48,274 hands, and I havn't made a cent since my last post. I went on a $2k downswing (my biggest ever, yay)which messed with my head a bit, but I've grinded back almost everything. Still, like 20k breakeven stretch.

I've earned 105k fpps from pokerstars this month alone, which are worth ~$1676.30.

EPT France is cancelled. awesome. I was totally on pace and excited about it too. Not sue why it was cancelled, but it is. I guess I can go to the EPT event in Germany, but I have to find out if pokerstars is goign to let you buyin with FPPs. We'll see.

I'm going for supernova elite. This means I'll be pokering my eyes out every day. I'll probably have carpal-tunnel by the end of it, or be totally insane. 1.7million hands of poker in a year is not human.

I'm going to be 3L337.

girls are retarded.

until next time.....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've played 25,707 hands already, earning ~$1300. This puts me on pace for about 100k hands for the month, which should easily send me to france. I put in nearly 8000 hands in today, which is like 11 or 12 hours. I'm a sick man. I ran well in my short stint at $400NL and booked a $725 win overall.

I've been throwing around the idea of shooting for pokerstars elite level of VIP. Essentially, I would have to play ~1.7million hands this year to achieve it (works out to about 7hrs a day, every day). Basically, by doing this, I assure myself about $70k in bonuses and about $30k in trips and big tournament buyins (WSOP and WPT events). So that is about $100k value, including what I would make for the year. And who knows, I may make a big score at one of those tournaments (I'm talking a couple 100k or somehting). Also, assuming my hourly rate is $45/hr, that's another $115k/yr (based on 200k hand sample at $200NL).

So basically, I'd be working my ass off for the whole year, with the hopes of pulling $200-220k. I'd also have the added benefit of a crazy vip status for a large portion of 2008 (means i earn more bonus cash).

I really have to think this through.... but its quite the oppourtunity.

Anyhow, EPT update is 314k/500k -- should be no problem, I hope.

Monday, January 01, 2007

3rd update today but whatever -- just got dealt into a millionth hand at pokerstars. Ship me $880 for absolutely no reason. The funny thing is I had no idea I won. I just checked my balance to see if I was unstuck yet, and saw the nice surprise.

I played 2k hands and dropped $40. Feels good to be up over $800. holla.

BTW, the dengue rash is starting to develop on my ankles. PICZ AND UPDATEZ TO COME.

Just heard some good news from pokerstars. They added a new event to the EPT schedule this year in Dortmund, Germany. While I really wanted to go to France, and will still make the effort, chances are I will end up in this tournament. This will be March 8-11th, 2007.

Also, I guess I could mention some numbers from my 2006. All numbers from the year are included, but I didn't play much prior to April 12th 2006, after my graduation. I've pulled $27,955 from cash games and $4,860 from tournies. So that's a total of $32,682 for the year. That's not including bonuses or casino whoring adventures, which I would estimate puts me somewhere closer to 36k. I don't keep great details on those numbers....

Cashgame graph:

Holy crap, I'm sick. I think I have dengue fever from cambodia. Its not fatal, but I should feel like shit for about a month or so. awesome. I'm in so much pain, it's sick. The disease is called 'bonecrusher disease' because of the extreme pain it causes. holla. I can't really sit at my computer for an extended period of time, so I'm kind of fucked for poker. The fever set in yesertday, and apparenlty it goes away soon for a day-- BUT, then i get a rash all over my body and the fever comes back with twice the intensity. I'm really excited about that, obv.

Not sure if I'll be able to put in enough hands to make the EPT in feb, which is dissapointing. Not giving up though.

December Numbers

Cash Games

35,515 hands for $3610 (2.35bb/100 or $66/hr)

NL4oo: 221 hands for $547
NL200: 33,422 hands for $2200
PL200: 1,872 for $862


Played 3 for a net return of ($0.81)

$150 from pokerstars


Thoughts on the month: I played really well. I wish I played more, and thats about it. I slacked but really enjoyed myself. I made enough to pay all my bills, and take a sweet vacation. Didn't bank much cash though. WHatever.

EPT update has me at 260k/500k. Slowly becoming a stretch....

I'll check back next week....