Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've played 25,707 hands already, earning ~$1300. This puts me on pace for about 100k hands for the month, which should easily send me to france. I put in nearly 8000 hands in today, which is like 11 or 12 hours. I'm a sick man. I ran well in my short stint at $400NL and booked a $725 win overall.

I've been throwing around the idea of shooting for pokerstars elite level of VIP. Essentially, I would have to play ~1.7million hands this year to achieve it (works out to about 7hrs a day, every day). Basically, by doing this, I assure myself about $70k in bonuses and about $30k in trips and big tournament buyins (WSOP and WPT events). So that is about $100k value, including what I would make for the year. And who knows, I may make a big score at one of those tournaments (I'm talking a couple 100k or somehting). Also, assuming my hourly rate is $45/hr, that's another $115k/yr (based on 200k hand sample at $200NL).

So basically, I'd be working my ass off for the whole year, with the hopes of pulling $200-220k. I'd also have the added benefit of a crazy vip status for a large portion of 2008 (means i earn more bonus cash).

I really have to think this through.... but its quite the oppourtunity.

Anyhow, EPT update is 314k/500k -- should be no problem, I hope.

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