Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lucky coin

so i've never really had a lucky coin before but i just found one.

yesterday i was unsure if i wanted to play the $200r tournament so i flipped a coin, and it said no. so i didnt. then i saw a similar tourny structure on stars but it was a $20r so i flipped again and it said to play. 8hrs later i finished 3rd/800 for like 3.6k.

since then ive been flipping it, asking if i should make calls when close, when to end sessions, which site to play, when to leave tables, etc, and am now on a sick heater.

to test it, i asked it if the worst player at one of my tables was a good player and the coin said yes. i was a little upset initially but then i realized my coin just has a good sense of humour. so now its not only my lucky coin, its also a close friend.

things are good on my end. vancouver is nice, met a bunch of poker players out here and having fun with them and old freinds i made in korea.
final tabled a few tourneys this week and won like $9k. pretty nice rush.
the year isnt going as well as last to this point, but as long as there isnt another stock market tank i should still do better this year. especially after i win the world series.

so yeah...i'll be out in vegas for all of the WSOP, june 1st-july17th. living with 4 other poker players in a house just off the strip. probbaly play a bunch of small events and then the main event. wish me lucky