Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I'm back in Vancouver from the world series.

Actually that was a while ago but whatever. Mid-july I think?

Series ended up being successful despite being down on live tourneys for the trip. Made a bunch online and at live cash games. Even up for the trip on random craps and blackjack actually, thanks to a black-out drunk session I played after XS one night. Woke up with a bunch of extra money and had to be filled in by some friends as to just exactly how lucky I was getting

The main event was a let down, as it is for like 90%+ of people who play I assume. I made it to day 2 with a shortish stack and busted early.

Enjoyed the trip overall but it didn't quite meet my always high expectations :)

NOw that I'm back, I've kind of promised myself that I'd try to better enjoy the beautiful city I'm in. I always brag about the awesome stuff to do in Vancouver, but I never seem to be doing it! So I've been hitting some trails, beaches, did a bit of boating, and of course I try to hit up all the best restaurants.

Oh speaking of restaurants, I just remembered something funny that happened in Vegas.
I actually emailed it today to a podcast I listen to (Two Jacks in the Hole , comedy podcast not at all about poker. check it out!) for a segment they do called 'glitches in the matrix'. SO I shall cut and paste:

After a night of degeneracy, me and a buddy are leaving the casino and see some b-list celeb shooting dice.
The table has a pretty big crowd and it painfully obvious it's because of this one guy.

Me and my buddy really could care less. We keep on and get to talking about how ridiculous it is that people get so starstruck.
We pretty much agree that there are virtually no celebs that we'd actually care that much about seeing. Just normal people, right?
Sure it's cool but nothing to lose your mind over.

I go on to tell him that I actually might be taken aback if I saw Shaq or something. Mostly the fact that he's gigantic, but also because I love basketball and grew up watching him.

So anyways, we leave it at that and call it a night. The next day we head over to Mix restaurant @ Mandalay Bay with a bunch of other poker players and grab dinner.

About half way through dinner, a giant African American gentleman walks into the dining room and the place starts buzzing a bit.

If you couldn't have guessed it already, Shaq is walking right towards us with a fine dime piece on his arm. He walks up and looks over at our table of twelve (who are all staring at him) and says 'Wassup fellas!" as he walks by. He ends up getting seated right next to us.

Pretty weird right?

Anyhow, I also hit up Calgary this past week. They had the canadian open poker championship. I went 0/2 in the events, but my buddy Ricky(rask88) basically chopped the $1000 event for first place money and I had 10% of him! Easiest $4k I ever made. Met a bunch of cool people on the trip too, and the drive up there has amazing scenery.

Next up for live events, I'm looking towards the British Columbia poker classic. This will be my second year doing it and hopefully I can have better success. Oh and hopefully a murderer doesn't win again. :)

Ok this is getting too long I'm off to bed. I'll update tomorrow if I win the sunday million or something :)