Friday, January 19, 2007

"One Day, you will run worse than you ever thought possible"

Well, for me, that day has come. This month has been absolutely GROSS. Coolers, suckouts, and some tilty play here and there has left me with a negative earning for the month.

So sick, plz enjoy:

$200NL = 72,104 hands for $875
$200PL = 3,221 hands for ($235)
$400NL = 2,600 hands for ($834)
$400PL = 219 hands for $119

Total = 78,157 hands ($90) OR ($0.77/hr)

Yesssir, thats like an 80k breakeven stretch. Well, my winrate is .08ptbb/100, so thats a slight positive.

Oh and I'm stuck an extra hundo betting flop colors with another player (who is a lucksack, btw).

ON THE BRIGHTSIDE -- I cleared a $1500 bonus, and will probably be clearing another one this month b/c the France EPT was cancelled. I'm still looking into germany, but the flight is like $2.5k roundtrip.. wtf? pokerstars only covers $1,000 of the flight, so yeah... I'm currently looking into alternatives .

bottom line is I'm still up like $2,200 for the month.

Brightside pt.2 - raptors are playing awesome. when they win the championship, i will win $22k and none of this will matter.

The weekend is coming up, and I plan to put in marathon sessions. Hopefully the go well *fingers crossed*


Anonymous said...

Wesley Snipes says to bet on black. I do the opposite of what he says so therefore i bet on red.

the_main said...

Flawless logic, my friend.