Thursday, August 10, 2006

<\3 variance.

8290 hands already for the month. And I'm down since my last post? $1288 profit with a staggering 3.97bb/100 winrate. My multitable ratio is waaaay up though, so my hourly rate is a 'happy time' $48/hr. I also won the biggest pot of my poker career yesterday. $798.15. There was a moron giving away money at the table, and I took a lot of it (then gave some back when I had a full house trumped by his quads). All in all, I probably took $500 off that one guy. Anyhow, that hand he paid off my set with his two pair and another guy had an overpair. It was a very sexy pot. It was the biggest I've ever seen at 200NL by over $100.

Anyhow, I'm on pace to do some damage this month -- hopefully I can crack 5k... that would be lovely.

rock on.

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