Tuesday, November 13, 2007


All is well on the pokerfront.

The month is only 13 days old and I'm already having my best one of the year.

I'm not even running that well to be honest, but at least I'm not running bad.

Not much else is new around here. My girlfriend randomly decided to buy me a new phone which was sweet. The phone I was using was a peice of trash (bought it used when I first got here), so it's a nice step up. It's nothing super balla, but all I use it for is txting anways so whatever. I tried to find a pic oline but failed.

Oh and I think I'll get a new computer next week too. Probably head over to the electronics market and browse some stuff this weekend.


Martin said...

I tried contacting you for coaching but for some reason I did not get a reply. Can you please post your contact info again? thank you!



Schwallie4 said...

I posted a coupon for $500 off dell thing. Good till tomm.

the_main said...

i probably lost it when I formatted my comp. try again but fyi there is a waiting list.

that is a super sweet deal but only for Inspiron notebooks... and i'm thinking of getting a desktop.