Tuesday, November 20, 2007

quick update

Last couple of days have been meh. Break even over last 6k hands. Whatever. I'm still at ~$10k for the month. I made a sexy graph a few days ago before this, and that's what I'm posting :)

(click for a better look)

Anyways, I woke up early and played the sunday million but busted after a few hours. No cash.

Because of the time change (daylights savings), I can now play the million if I get up at 6:30am on Monday. I think I'll start doing this every week, as the tables were really juicy then and for many hours following. Hopefully it results in a big score so I can hit $100k+ for the year.

Oh and I ordered a new laptop. Makes more sense then the desktop at the moment. It's a Dell Inspiron 1720 Notebook. Intel Duo T7700 2.4ghz processor, with 4gigs RAM and a 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video card. I upgraded the LCD too (17" WUXGA (1920x1200) TFT). Should be hot, and is only costing me ~$2k. Early x-mas christmas present to myself. :)
I think it gets delivered at the start of December.

And finally, a funny video. I saw this a while ago on billrini's blog, but he disabled embedding so I couldn't post it here. I saw it on nation's blog the other day, and just grabbed it from there.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, nice blog. We've been playing together a fair bit recently (EurekaKid on PStars). Wanna exhcnage links for our blogs?

the_main said...

Thanks, and sure.

I checked your blog and was happy to see I was feature on page 1. :)

re:that hand
UTG+1 was a drooler, and I thought you knew that. I didn't 4-bet b/c I didn't want to lose him. I led so he would raise(hopefully) or call, and put you in a super tough position with an overpair.

When you call I figure you have QQ/AA or maybe KK too. I though you'd call QQ there knowing UTG+1 was an idiot, but apparently you didn't know much about him.

I don't think I could've laid it down, 'figuring' I had at least 2 outs and ~$70 invested.

Anonymous said...

Alright I added your link to my blogroll down the right hand side.

I reckon you played the kings perfect. I got a lucky flop and the donk who shoved with TT gave you no recourse to fold.

Catchya on 2+2 or at the tables ;)