Sunday, November 04, 2007

i'm a retard with a nice chair

Alright, so I'm back online after a weird weekend.

My girlfriend came by late Friday night, and we just decided to have a quiet night in. She was gonna stay over, and then spend Saturday with me. This obviously means no poker.

So I figure this is a great chance to format my hard drive in the hopes of speeding this beast up.

I backed everything important up to my external hard drive, and begin the process.

Long story short, 5 hours later I realize I'm an idiot and who formatted his external hard drive instead. So yeah, everything was gone. All my pictures, all my albums, all my poker stuff... everything... gone. Some of the stuff was irreplaceable like my old sets from when I DJ'd back home.

So I quietly freak out, as to not wake up my girl, frantically trying to think of any way I can recover my data. I must've told myself I was a morAn a million times. I felt so stupid... like I can't even explain. And I'm not clueless with computers -- I've formatted ~5 different comps, so it made me feel even worse.

I couldn't think at that point so I just went to bed.

This story has 80% of a happy ending though. I managed to find a few programs, and was able to salvage ~80% of the data. Most of what was I lost was albums, which unfortunatley included some of my irreplaceable music. My poker database was also corrupted (I think I may have just backed it up improperly), but I requested all my hands from Stars and should get it in a day or two.

I'm still a retard though. This pretty much led to a lot of extra work, and put me in a grumpy mood for the weekend.

Comp is running smoothly though now, and I'm thinking it should be able to handle the extra load (though I havn't tried yet).

If it still doesn't work out I'll use Dan's suggestion and just pick up some more RAM. I just wonder if it'll be difficult to find RAM for an HP laptop in korea? meh

Anyways, so yeah... I'm a retard, but I have a nice chair. Or at least I will soon. I just ordered the DuoBack Chairman DR-130:

It's supposed to be pretty awesome, and I've read a million good reviews about it. Seeing as I'm gonna be plopped in front of my computer all next year, I figure its a good investment in my health.

Finally, Nate asked a question in the comments about my setup. I'll probably take some pics when the new chair gets here. But yeah, I have an additional monitor where I keep the lobby and any other programs running. I play all the tables on my 17" laptop with tonnes of overlap. It's kind of like 4 stacks of tables, but slightly off centered which saves me from a lot of misclicks. No neck problems really, I usually wont even have to move my neck... just dart my eyes around.

I generally just drink water and listen to music. Once you start putting in long sessions, it just sort of gets easier. I've heard from lots of people that 5minute breaks every hour help out. I usually only stop to use the washroom, but then again, I'm a retard.

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dankind said...

Hey, sorry to hear about the data loss, we're always told to backup shit but we never listen... we wait for HD failure or whatever to curse ourselves heh...

Hey another thing you can try is disabling all the extra un-needed services that are active in windows by default to free up RAM... search google for 'free ram xp disable services' or the like... here's a forum link to get started: