Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm slacking... but hey, I'm enjoying myself.
I havn't played a hand over the past 2 weekends and I'm way behind schedule. Instead, I've been out galavanting with scantily clad korean women. Whatever, its been a good trade off.

I started back on monday and went on one of my biggest slides ever. $1.2k down the tubes in like 2500hands. This was 4buyins at $200 and 1 at $400, so no big deal relative to the stakes.... still hurts though. The blow was softened howveer, by the $400 pokerstars bonus.

Altogether I've played just under 11,000 hands and won $577. With the bonus, thats almost $1k. I don't know if I can hit my hand goal this month.... I have plans for sat. and sun., so it will be close. Whatever. Maybe I'll hit a big tourny score?! haha. I'm gonna try to play a bunch today from work, hopefully that goes well.


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