Thursday, May 03, 2007

are you kidding me?

Poker Stars - No Limit Hold'em Cash Game - $1/$2 Blinds - 9 Players - (LegoPoker HH Converter)

SB: $40.45
Hero (BB): $279.45
UTG: $203
UTG+1: $191
MP1: $292.55
MP2: $186
MP3: $381.40
CO: $37
BTN: $208
Preflop: Hero is dealt (9 Players)

UTG calls $2, UTG+1 folds, MP1 calls $2, MP2 folds, MP3 calls $2, CO folds, BTN calls $2, SB folds, Hero checks

Flop: ($11) (5 Players)

Hero checks, UTG checks, MP1 bets $8, MP3 calls $8, BTN raises to $20, Hero calls $20, UTG folds, MP1 calls $12, MP3 calls $12

Turn: ($91) (4 Players)

Hero bets $30, MP1 raises to $100, MP3 calls $100, BTN raises all-in to $186, Hero raises all-in to $257.45, MP1 calls $157.45, MP3 raises to $343.45, MP1 calls all-in for $13.10

Uncalled bet of $72.90 returned to MP3

River: ($1075.55) (4 Players - 3 All-In)

Pot Size: $1075.55 ($3 Rake)

MP1 had (a full house, Queens full of Aces) and WON (+$780)

BTN had and LOST (-$208)

MP3 had (a full house, Fours full of Queens) and LOST (-$292.55)

Hero had and LOST (-$279.45)

So yeah, a 4 way all in, and I'm an 85% favourite, but somehow manage to lose. There's another $1100.

SOrry that every post these days is a complaint but srlsy WTF is going on.


Anonymous said...

that is absolutely disgusting. :(

Anonymous said...

Those are some horrible beats....nothing sucks worse than having them right where you want them and getting sucked out on, eh? Know you know how my opponents feel, just kidding......

BlackRain79 said...
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the_main said...

Thanks guys, I have a feeling things will turn around. I appreciate the words nate.

Semi-Pro Poker Player said...

Just keep playing the way you do and it WILL turn around.

That said, you are just getting killed by bad luck. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Just be happy MP3 played this hand horribly and allowed you to see the turn. BTW on the river you were in last place.