Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Full Ring Championships

The Full Ring Championships on the 2+2 forums begin today for me.

I got a pretty tough draw, and I'm facing RyanCMU first. I havn't played with him before, but have read some strategy from him and it should be an interesting battle.

It's a best of 7 heads up series, and the bracket looks like this: The entire tournament is set to run about 5 weeks, and is more for bragging rights then it is for $$$.

Either way, I plan to win it all. :)

My first round match is in about 1/2hour, and we're going to try to get all the matches in today. I'll update with results as soon as it's over.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm vaguely interested in poker, I have to admit, I like reading your blog. Good luck on the tourny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definately the best poker blog out there ;)

These tourny updates were a great idea.


the_main said...

I appreciate the words... cool that you're not really into poker but still dig the blog. I must be doing something right :)