Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, this weekend was sort of a bust for poker.

It was the long weekend, so a bunch of friends went up to a chalet at blue mountain. It was a relaxing weekend, but poker crossed my mind a bunch of times. With pokerstars currently offering double vpps until midnight on tuesday, I feel like I probably missed out on about $500 in additional expected value. Could've been a huge weekend for me.

But whatever, I got away and had a good time.

The highlight for me was getting a round of golf in at the Monterra golf club. The scenery was pretty awesome.

I went with my buddy, Brad, and neither of us had ever played a round of golf before. We'd been to driving ranges, but never a course. It was probably really funny for anyone watching us, but whatever it was a great time, and I'd love to play some more.

I planned on playing a lot of poker today, but I'm on tilt. :)

My day started off poorly, and hasn't gotten any better. The first thing I noticed when I got up was that a stock I own was way up, at the highest point since I've had it. So I decided to just sell it and be happy with the 40% return. So I set up the sale with my online broker, and right before I hit sell, my Internet craps out.

My dad disconnected the modem because he was getting it upgraded and had to take it to Rogers. So instead of reconnecting it, I just took it as an omen and decided to hold on to the stock.

I'm sure you know what's next...

Obviously it dropped like 15% and I lost $600. Yay me. :)

When I finally decided to play poker I got killed on some gross bad beats. In my three major all-in confrontation, I was a 91%, 85% and 70% favourite. I lost all three. What are the odds of that? And to top it off, the 91% hand was at $400NL. Here it is:

Poker Stars - No Limit Hold'em Cash Game - $2/$4 Blinds - 9 Players - (LegoPoker HH Converter)

Preflop: Hero is dealt J J (9 Players)

UTG folds, UTG+1 calls $4.00, MP1 raises to $10.00, Hero calls $10.00, 4 folds, BB raises to $40.00, UTG+1 folds, MP1 calls $30.00, Hero calls $30.00

Flop: ($126) 4 6 4 (3 Players)

BB bets $92.00, MP1 folds, Hero calls $92.00

Turn: ($310) 5 (2 Players)

BB bets $156.00, Hero raises all-in to $246.00, BB calls $90.00

River: ($802) A (2 Players - 1 All-In)

Pot Size: $802.00 ($3 Rake)

BB had 5 A (two pair, Aces and Fives) and WON (+$421.00)

Hero had J J and LOST (-$378.00)

Now, I usually wont play jacks this strongly, but the guy was a total maniac, and I figured he had 2 high cards. There was no way I was giving him credit for a bigger pair than mine.

Here's a graph of my expected value and actual winnings from today:

The green line at the bottom is what I actually lost today (-$842) and the red line is my expected winnings (+$706). lol?

Pretty gross session overall... hopefully the next one goes a little better.

Oh and finally - for all the people who contacted me about coaching, I'll be getting in touch shortly. I think I have 4 or 5 students at the moment, so for those still interested that havn't contacted me, I can probably take 1 or 2 more so e-mail me at john(at)johnhartery(dot)com.

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