Friday, May 18, 2007

Today, I am a man

For the first time, I logged 10k hands in one day. I just finished and I'm really tired. That's like...oh... 15hrs of play.

The good news is I made $1300, cleared $1650 in bonuses and made about 30,000fpps.

So I'm up about $4k since I got home. Yay canada.


Poker Me said...

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Nice work Main! I read a post in the full ring section on 2+2 where people have been listing regulars at the Stars tables. You are mentioned a few times and each time they say you're dangerous but quite ABC. It's obviously working and you're a much better player than myself but have you ever thought of dropping a few tables to open your game a little more or do you just stay clear of the regs and fleece the fishes?

Keep up the good work and great mother's day present for you mum BTW!


good work main! always interestin readin ur blog!
cant wait till i reach 20k roll then i can put in some serious work like u... i just dont have to roll for it yet...
have fun in tdot!

GWC said...

10k hands in a day...thats just sick man!
I thought I did well playing 1k hands the other night ;-)

the_main said...


I'm an active member there, and made a few comments in that thread.

That post was made around january, when I was having a really long breakeven stretch. It sort of snapped me out of the hypnotic state I had been playing in. I simply made a few adjustments versus regulars, and things have been better since. I can't really go into detail because a lot of them read my blog.

When you play in a certain game for as long as I have, you need to always be adjusting.

Also, there is nothing wrong with playing ANY style, as long as you're aware of your image and use it to your advantage.


Thanks for the congrats. I hope to put a few more of these days in soon. :)

The Average Joe said...

Very impressive... Are you a SuperNova elite member on Stars yet ;-D

the_main said...

I wish.

There are only 2 right now, elky and bigjoe.

Maybe by the end of the year....