Monday, May 14, 2007


SOrry there havn't been any updates. I've spent the last two days making my way back to canada.

I left Korea on sunday morning, and it took just over 32hours to get here! I didn't mention anything on the blog, because I wanted to surprise my mom for mother's day.

She was.

I woke her up at 1am and i'm pretty sure she still thinks she dreaming.

I've got lots planned for the month I'm here, hopefully I can get enough poker in too.


Wilks said...

Shit! I forgot Mother's Day again! I'm on the shit list for sure!! enjoy your time in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

I came across your blog recently and found out that you are in Korea for most of the time. I will be heading over there in a week's time and i heard that over at Walker hill casino, the games are really soft, have you been playing there in the live games??? And my friends are telling me that alot of the underground NL holdem games are really juicy too, and advices??

the_main said...

I went to walker hill twice.
One time it was really soft, and the other time it played a lot tougher. I really don't know much about the underground poker scene there, but if you find somehting out, let me know.