Thursday, May 31, 2007

may results

May was an interesting month overall.
After a really bad run during the first half, I came on strong at the end to book a decent profit.

Actually, it's my best month (profit-wise) of the year.

I won't break down by level, because I played 12 different ones this month (from 200NL to like 7 hands short stacking 5000NL).

Cash Games:
Totals: 61,169 hands for $3,891.01 [$43.83/hr]

11 played for a profit of $17.50

Pokerstars Bonii:
$2000 milestone bonus
$1500 VIP bonus
$150 reload bonus
Total: $3,650

May Net profit: $7,558.51


Year to date: $28,896.60

I really wish I had a chance to play more during the bonus period on stars, where they were offering double VPPs, but whatever, I had a good time.

My goals for June:
(first half)
Spend time with family/friends
Get back safely to Korea

(second half)

Win the fullring championships
Play 100k hands

I doubt I'll play at all today because I'm going to the BlueJays game, but if I do, I'll just update these numbers in an edit.

Best of luck to everyone next month, unless of course you happen to find yourself up against me. ;)



Anonymous said...

very nice graph main.
I have a noob question for you. I looked on the stars website and didnt see anything about bonuses, how do the milestone and vip bonus work?


the_main said...

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just click here

Anonymous said...

thanks main


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