Thursday, April 12, 2007

What a difference a year can make.

A year ago today, I walked away from my final university class. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to do with my life, and I guess that much has remained.

Not much else has stayed the same, however.

After graduating, I left my parent's home in Mississauga(toronto), and set out with my buddy Tommy to teach english in asia. I left a lot behind. Great friends, a caring girlfriend, very supportive parents and simply, a really easy life.

I'd never been on my own, and hell, I'd never even been to asia. It's been a learning experience. It hasn't always been easy, but it's a good feeling knowing that you're a man and can handle yourself in the world.

It wasn't long before the school I taught at went bankrupt, and I was stuck in Korea with no job. That's when I decided to go pro, and try to pull as much money from this game as I could before it was too late.

I managed to take two pretty sweet vacations since I've been here. Cambodia and Japan. Both were incredible, but I really enjoyed cambodia. It's a very eye opening experience when you're in a third-world country. The trip really reshaped some of my views on the world.

And that brings me to where I am. Grinding every day from my apartment. I have new friends, new job, a new girlfriend, and the feeling that I'm on the right track. Of course I still love and miss everyone back home, but it's been a challenege to keep in touch with everyone. I think about you guys all the time, and will certainly be throwing a big jam whenever it is that I come home. And yes, thats still how I see it. Home. No matter how long I live here, I don't think I'll ever consider this country my home.

So when will I be coming home? I'm not sure exactly. I should be home at some point during the summer. Whether that trip will be my return or simply a vacation is up in the air. It depends on a lot of different things, which are impossible for me to analyze at this moment.

So lets reflect on this whole poker thing for a moment. When I started this blog, I set out some goals for myself.

I'm going to make $4000 in June, or ~ $1000/week for the rest of the year.... My ultimate goal is to make $100,000/yr, which is both reasonable and attainable, as absurd as that may sound to some. It wont be this year, and it may not be next year, but it will happen.

Well, the first one I have accomplished. In the last 52 weeks, I've made about $50,000USD profit from poker. Check.

Maybe more importantly, my ultimate goal is now in my sights for 2007. It will happen, you can book it.

So I guess that's about it. I had a great year.

I think I really accomplished a lot. I'm proud of myself for having the balls to get up and do something different, and that I've positively taken on the challeneges my new environment has presented.

So what about next year?
Well, like I said. $100k in 2007 for sure.

Other than that, I'm not positive what other goals to set.
I definitley want to see more of asia, like china and thailand.
I also want to get my money in some good investments, likely real estate.
I guess I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. Not getting too far ahead of myself, and being positive and constructive about any other issues that come my way. That's all I can hope to do.

Thanks for reading my brain dump. I'll talk about poker next post, i promise. ;)
Hopefully you stick with me through what will likely be another exciting year. I'll do my best to keep everyone entertained and informed.




Pokeking69 said...

Hey, congrats on a good yr, hope the next one goes as well or better, i have linked u to my blog so wood be good if u could do the same, any comments good or bad always appreciated as need a fair bit of help on my game it seems


Wombol said...

boring! get back to poker posts! lol, just kidding. good year and a good platform to build from. who knows where you can go from here, might be worth setting your sights on the betfair asian poker tornie in singapore. another bit of asia to see and some poker as well.


Jason h said...
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Nick Rieber said...

Poker...tough life!

Anonymous said...


We missed at the Gala last night. I am really glad to see that there are good career opportunity after CCIT. :P

GL and have fun with everything. I am sure you'll start making even more dough very soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey John...
It's great to see things are going well for you. I love reading your blog! We miss you and hope to see you in the summer.

Take care of yourself...and dont get into TOO much trouble.