Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Done for the day, I think. Expect reflection post in next 24hrs.

32k hands so far:
$2679/$10,000 ($1500 bonus to be cleared by saturday)


Adam said...

Do you plan on moving up to 2/4 no limit anytime in the near future? Also are you sure you couldn't have a higher hourly rate playing like 6-8 tables at once? Like have you had 100,000 hands or something significant where you played less tables and you found that 12 tables results in a higher hourly rate?

Pokeking69 said...

Hey there, saw ur post on my page thanks, i have linked u now so hope u can do the same with me


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your 10K goal.

Anonymous said...

seems like so many tables, interested to hear if thats optimal for you

the_main said...

I find I get really bored with anything less than 12 tables.
I'm just so used to it now.

Also, the player points I get are about $30/hr, which pretty much cancels out any disadvantage I might have.