Monday, April 16, 2007

I had a great weekend. Saturday was good for poker (see last post) and then i went uber-romantic for my g/f. No details, for fear of being made fun of.

SUnday was filled with soccer and video games. I'd like to try to get in better shape, but 1 day of activity isn't gonna cut it. Although, everything sort of balances out here. I walk a lot more here, and eat a lot healthier, but don't get nearly as much weight training done. I havn't been on a scale in 8mos, but I'd assume I'm around the same weight, or maybe even less, from when I left. At least I'm not turning into a fatass playing poker everyday. ;)

Anyways, I didn't play much today.

I had a really bad/strange dream last night where I got into a bunch of trouble. I woke up with zero desire to play. I just felt strange.
Eventually, I was about to start playing when I got a phone call to go for some lunch, and I opted for that instead. Took it as a bit of a sign.

I went with a bunch of friends to a tuna place that is easily the best value in korea. $5 for a huge meal, with tonnes of good fish and side dishes.

ANyways, my buddy Chris came over and I decided to play a few tourneys while he watched. I went really deep in a 360man $33 tourny and ended up finsihing 6th for about $500. So the day wasn't a complete loss. I'm going to put in a 3k hand session in tonight and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

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the_main said...

Thanks a lot!