Friday, April 27, 2007

First, I'm glad my story(see last post) got so much love. I x-posted on 2+2 and got a lot of props for it there. I wrote it at about 7 in the morning when I couldn't sleep after a super long, losing session.

Which brings me to my next point -- things havn't been going too hot. I hit a pretty nasty downswing, coupled with those failed shots I mentioned in previous posts.

Almost zero chance I hit the 10k mark, and I'll be happy if I end up over 5k the way things are going.

But to put things in prespective, that's still quite a bit of change. Monetary goals in poker are stupid anyways, b/c you can't predict how well you will run. I think from here on out, I will just set hand goals (i.e 'play 100k hands/month'). This is what I've done in the past, and it puts a lot less pressure on myself, which is definitely a good thing.

Whatever, when the 10k month comes, AND IT WILL, I'll do the freeroll.


Right now, I'm thinking of running a private $1.10 tourny on stars. The money won't be important, but I'll give the winner a 1hr coaching session. We can use skype (or msn), and I can sweat you, or you can sweat me... whatever. Or I can review a hand session of yours. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. If no one cares I'll just scrap the idea.

Lastly, a shout out to my buddy Sina (simsina or stars) who came in 3rd in a $30 tourny for about $1.5k. I sweated him through the last half of the tourny and he played awesomely. Really wish he could've taken it down, because if anyone deserves a little good luck, it's him.

Anyways, to thank me for sticking out the tourny with him, he shipped me $100 to play a tourny where we'd split the winnings 50/50. I didn't cash though, sorry bro. ;) Thanks for your confidence regardless.

I'm gonna play a tonne of hands this weekend. April numbers will be forthcoming...


Anonymous said...

I would definately be interested anytime you need a protege to experiment on I have a small bank roll and completely willing.

Unknown said...

I'd be down for the tourney. Is that the same Sina Miron and I went to HK with?

the_main said...

Not sure about the trip, but miron was the one who introduced me.

Anonymous said...

I would most def be interested in having a shot at winning some sweat time ;) Just keep us tabbed.