Monday, April 09, 2007

Not much to update with. I pretty much took the weekend off to relax and enjoy myself.

Friday night started off slowly, but eventually got a little nutty. I wont go into great details, but I've since had to make a few repairs around the house.

Saturday was awesome. I took my g/f to this african musical called Umoja.

It was incredible, as it took you through the evolution of african music. Tickets were a bit on the expensive side, but we both had a blast.
Sunday, I played some soccer with the other foriengers in my area. Decent game, but poor turnout b/c a lot of people were out boozing hard the night before. Then we went into seoul for some awesome greek food.

Interesting weekend overall.

I played a bit of poker this morning (3k hands) and won some cash. I'm probbaly gonna play a bit before before I sleep. I should have a nice $1500 bonus cleared by the end of the week.
But for now:


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Anonymous said...

pick up the pace!

j/k, keep making those dollars... monetary goals are bad for the psyche