Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I put in a man-sized session today of like 8k hands.
I was down ~$800 for the month, but I booked a $1k+ win today.

So I'm at $232 for the month, with some serious bonuses to be cashed in if I put in enough hours.



Anonymous said...

Good hit today main... I had the opposite luck I was up $93 for the month until I lost a huge hand that took $40 dollars from me... Then I lost semblance of reality an lost $70. It will take a bit of time for me to recover...

Small Stakes Poker said...

Seen your blog through Wombols. Linked you up. Would be cool if you could do the same.

Wombol said...

Surely i must get some kinda referal bonus there Main? I think the going rate on Full Tilt is $75!!

Let me know when its on the way ;)


Wombol said...
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