Thursday, August 16, 2007

success.... barely

Well, it came down to the last day, but I managed to accomplish both goals I set out for myself a month ago. Most of the details of my challenge are HERE, but I suck and changed a lot of things along the way. So sue me :)

The first goal wasn't tough, but just required me to get into a routine. It also helped that I was losing money, because that always motivates me to put in more hours. 71,593 hands total, and I made a whopping $554.55. I've been on a sick downswing, so that's hurt my numbers. Whatever, it's about more than double that if you count bonuses.

The next goal was a lot tougher. I'll tell you, it's alot easier to play poker hungover than it is to ride an exercise bike. I put in 35km today alone just to reach the goal. I just got out of the shower actually. But it's done, and I can enjoy my vacation looking a little better.

I'm down to 86.8kg and 28.4% bodyfat. That means I've dropped 1.8kg and 1.6% fat. Not bad, but hopefully I can keep up my regimin.

So yeah, I'm off to BALI BABY!! Can't wait, I'm so pumped. I'll be back in a week with some pics. But I'll leave you with these:

The hands:

The bike:

The sickest sunrise I've ever seen:

Alright, I'm out -- See you in a week!


Anonymous said...

Good job main!

Have fun in bali!

dankind said...

Congrats on the goals, have a safe trip! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice work, have fun.


The Average Joe said...

Congrats on your goal and have fun on your vacation!!