Thursday, August 02, 2007

july results

I'm back from Japan, after staying a few days longer than expected. Ran into some scheduling problems, but still had tonnes of fun. I'll post a trip report later today. I just want to get my results out of the way in a seperate post.

Cash Games:
77,309 hands for $4,743.46 [$39.57/hr]
5 played for a net of ($2.89)

Pokerstars Bonii:
$1500 VIP bonus

July Net profit: $6,240.57
Year to date: $42,861.88

I could have hit $10k, but my vacation squashed that. This is because I have a $3k bonus just about to be cleared. oh well, I'll just tack it on to august.

As for my challenge, well --I lost 6 days so that's ~25,000 hands. So yeah, how about 70,000 hands/250km on the bike? The bike goal was going to be easy, so I'm just dropping it so something manageable (12km/day).

I'm sort of disappointed I have to drop the numbers, but hell, traveling is a bigger passion of mine than poker is, so fuckit. Nitpick if you will, but I've got to keep my priorities straight.


grinder said...

So are you still thinking of doing any coaching at all

If so ill be interested



the_main said...

Currently, I'm not excepting new students, but leave me an email and Ill pu tyou on the list.