Friday, August 31, 2007

august results

What a month, what a month...
Lots of positives, lots of negatives. I'll just start with the numbers:

Cash Games:
49,947 hands for $826.49 [$10.40/hr]

19 played for a net of ($562.94)

Pokerstars Bonii:
$3000 milestone bonus

August Net profit: $3263.55
Year to date: $46,125.43

So what can I say about this month?

Well, first -- it's my 2nd worst month money-wise (april was $2002). I could've tacked on another $1500, but I'm saving up my points for the APPT in September. Even still, that wouldn't have made it that great.

But I don't really feel bad about the whole thing. I played well, and just ran terribly. My all-in income ended $1688.84 below expectation, ran my KK into AA waaay too much, and I only had ONE set over set all month. lol

I also went really deep in a few big tournaments, but couldn't win my flips when it counted. A few things go differently, and I could be talking about my best month ever right now. :)

But anyways, despite everything I still managed to come out on top, which is a good feeling.
Plus, I've been on 2 vacations this month and am feeling really good with life.

Anyways, time to look ahead.


BIG month ahead of me. I'll be playing in my first televised tournament, so I'll have to get some practice in. I'm going to play more tournaments online and try to get some live games in as well. I'm expecting first place to pay about $200,000. I could put that to good use.

200km on my bike.
75k hands online
Win tournament :)

funny video for no reason:

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