Sunday, October 22, 2006

Poker tournaments are possibly the most emotionally draining thing ever. There's nothing worse than playing for 5 hours and then getting shafted on a coinflip. Ugh. And nobody understands my frustration.

Today I woke up just in time to register for a tournament. It's an $11 rebuy tourny with a 55k gaurantee (1st place is usually 15k these days) . I won this tourny about 2 years about, and it's still my biggest win to date. So anyways, I hadn't planned on playing this, but this was the first chance I've had to since I got to Korea, so I did.

5 HOURS and 1600 players later, I bust in 13th place. I invested $33 and won about $500. I should be happy right? No.

Tournaments pay offs are so top heavy, the $500 win is laughable. 9th pays $1000, 8th $1500, 4th $4500, 2nd $10,000, 1st $15,000. And I come away with $500. Bleh. But no one gets it...

"YOU WON $500, STFU!"

But I can't help but be upset.... its so dissapointing. I hate tournsments... you're never satisfied unless you win the damn things.

I can't believe I'm up $1500 over the last 24hrs and feel bad. Die tournaments, die.

late night edit: I just hit 5k during my last session -- $5200 for the month so far... goodnight


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