Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ok, So I'm pretty much done for the month. It was another juicy one, and my best month for cash games ever. The breakdown:

$200NL -- 21,774hands for $5,537 (6.26bb/100)
$200NL 6max - 109hands for ($87)
$200PL -- 654hands for $1,066 (40.76BB/100) lol
$400NL -- 1,695hands for $822 (6.51bb/100)
$400 6max -- 208hands for $552
$600NL -- 200 hands for $1
$600NL 6max -- 16 hands for $95
$5000NL - 24hands for $219 --- Yeah, that's right... $5000NL

Cash Game Totals:

56hours ($147/hr)

Tournaments are teh ghey, as I mentioned:

$689 invested for a $853 win =

(24% ROI)

$337 in casino bonuses

Grand Total:


Very good month, consdiering my goal was $5k. And I still made 10k...if you count my teaching job. :D

In other news, I finally got a 2nd monitor. 20inch samsung widescreen (will post picz later). Now I'm dual monitoring like all the cool kids, and it makes my life that much easier.
In more exciting news, the basketball season starts today. To celebrate my good month, I dropped ~$100 on the raptors to win the NBA championship.
Whatever, you're not invited to my party when they ship me my $22,000 (220:1 odds).

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