Sunday, October 15, 2006

Phase #1 - Run hot
Phase #2 - ?????????
Phase #3 - Profit!!
Mid-month update
Up $2,100 in cash games over like 4,000 hands. $188/hr, no big deal. Plus the ~$300 from the casino and I'm clsoe to 2.5k for the month in less than 13hours work. Sometimes this job is pretty sweet.
For you number guys:
$1,575 at $200NL
$280 at $200PL
$320 at 400NL (over only 90 hands)

I dropped some money trying out 6handed, and didnt like it -- Full ring is much easier IMO. I also made a bit of cash playing some low stakes games for fun with friends.
I'm sticking to my 5k goal for the month.... This will hopefully materialize if I play another 20k hands. If I can manage that, and still keep having all this fun outside of poker, I'll be a v. happy guy.

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up, and you'll be playing with the big boys sooon!