Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quite the recovery from my downswing to start the month. I've had almost no hitches in my ride since.

10,877 hands so far this month and I'm almost up $1800. This works out to about $62/hr. If I can run like this for the rest of the month (4.5bb/100) then I will be happy. That would be somehting like 8K? That would also require me to play 45k hands this month, which is a little much.

The bad news is my shots at $400NL havn't gone well. I've dropped almost $400 there, but whatever. I'm not going to get gunshy, if I see a good game I'm going to jump in. I'm properly rolled for that game, but I'm just comfortable where I am. I have ~60buyins for NL200 which is ridiculously overrolled. Whatever -- if I can somehow pull 8k/month from a mixture of games, thats almost 100k/yr. I'm not greedy, that'd be more than enough for me (obv.).

Sidenote: If anyone is interested, I've paid close to $7000 in rake($ taken out of pots) to these sites over the last 80k hands. Thats just one player. Imagine how much these poker sites make.... wow.

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