Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another solid weekend, and I don't think I'm done yet. I might log another session tonight, and then definitely one in the morning. I'm feeling really good with my game right now, I'm making good laydowns and also flopping pretty well. I am still making mistakes though, and I have to cut them out of my game. When I get up a fair amount on the day, I start to get alot more passive -- limping with hands I might raise with, and calling with draws instead of raising when I see a good spot. This is a form of tilt (though a far less destructive kind) and I shouldn't be a victim to it.

I've continued to take shots at $400NL and the results have been better. Nearly 10% of my hands this month have been at this level and I'm up $414. I've been table selecting very well, and only playing in the games when the bad players are in (weekends/evenings). I can definitely compete at this level, though there are alot better players here.

So the month has been good overall, and I'm up $2900. I'd love to keep this pace and lock down $8-9000. But that's wishful thinking, and I would be really happy with 5k. I'm planning on taking a vacation in october, so this would be a nice cushion.

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