Monday, September 18, 2006

Midish month update:

26,430 hands for $2,372
$1,500ish from 200NL
$655 from 400NL
$158 from 600NL
Hourly rate is ~$35/hr

Tourny winnings = $4006

Total = $6,300ish -- This is coming off a nice $600ish downswing at $200NL...

Hopefully things get a bit better with cash games, and I cash my 2.2k check from work and den.......$10k month!??! Keeping my fingers crossed...

Anyhow, on a more strategic note, here are some things I want to improve in my game:
2)inducing bluffs
3)tilt control

1)I really don't feel I've been agressive enough with my busted draws or pouncing on opponents when I sesne weakness. I keep waiting for spots where I'm stronger and feel I'm being a weak tight nit. Bleh. So I've been giving some thought to the theory of bluffing, and trying to actively find spots to pull off bluffs. Getting into my opponents heads and finding the scary boards and putting them to tough decisions.

2) I'm noticeing too many people are folding to my river bets. Its not that I'm betting too much or something, its just that they have nothing to call with in a lot of cases. I'm talking about when I'm first to act, and I'm betting the whole way. I think I have the best hand and keep betting for value... the river blanks off and I fire another bet hoping for a call from a worse hand.

So anways, I'm going to start checking the river a lot more with decent hands. This is so that those hands that can't call a bet (because they missed a draw) will take a shot and bet at the pot. They know the only way they can win is by betting, so I'm going to let them hang themselves. Ths also saves me from getting raised huge on the river when an opponet is slowplaying. I may miss some value here and there, but hopefully I'm smart enough to pick the right spots.

3) See 2nd last post. I have to try to maintain my killer instinct throughout a session. I'm not sure how exactly to do this, but I'm working on it.

Until next time......

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