Friday, June 16, 2006

I'm +$3300 over 9313hands now for the month. That's very little progress over the last 2000 hands. But I'm actually feeling pretty good about it. I lost some really big hands, but was able to fight through a deficit. At the lowest point I was down $670 (~3.5 buyins), which is relatively small compared to the stakes I'm playing (10 buyin downswings are normal, which is why they suggest always have 15-20 buy-ins in your bankroll). I'm not sure how I'll handle dropping $2000, but it should be fun finding out one day. Ahh variance, you sexy beast.

BONUS: Pokerstars gave me a bonus of $120, on the condition that ~1500 hands on thier site. Any current player can get the bonus. This is to reward current players and to encourage players to redeposit. It's a good marketing technique. I'm nearly 70% through that bonus, so that will be nice to get.

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