Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I got in just over 1000hands today for ~$500 profit. This is dispite blowing $60 or so in a 2+2 game with some friends. These are basically private tables where a lot of high stakes players get together and play for very low stakes. Usually this is done to blow off some steam, socialize and have some fun. The buy-in is typically $25, which is meaningless for a lot of these guys . I enjoy the games because there is a very interesting dynamic. Essentially, you have a table full of very skilled players, who are playing sub-optimally and goofing around. It's a different level of thinking which is really stimulating.

I'm actually still playing on one table as I type this (painstakingly boring). It's late, but there is one horrible player left on the table throwing money away. He was up to $1000 at one point, and has since blown threw that and rebought twice ($400 more). It's been facinating to watch, as the more he loses, the looser he gets. Pure gambling problem. But whatever, I guess as sad as it is, this is the kind of person I thrive on. And just as I write that he loses his last $200 and I'm off to bed.

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